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Brandon Roy’s Health

In General NBA on February 8, 2011 at 6:09 am

Via Sports Radio Interviews with Brandon Roy

What kind of prognosis the doctors have given him:

“Well I don’t think medically I will ever be able to get back to 100%.  The doctors do feel confident that I can get back to a high level of basketball.  I don’t want to say to an all-star level because coaches boast those things every year and different guys deserve them but they do feel like I can get to that level where I can continue to help this team and produce at a high level.  Now we are just trying to figure some things out to try to calm the knees down.  They feel good now and the biggest thing now is going to be once I start playing basketball day-in and day-out how they feel, but I am confident that I can get back to a high level but the biggest thing is that I don’t get a ahead of myself right now and continue to take it slow and really listen to the doctors.  I think in the past there was times I maybe had stepped on their toes a little bit and try to rush back but this time I am trying to be patient and really listen to them.”

No idea what level of performance Brandon Roy can return to but it bears mentioning that Wes Matthews was out-performing Roy before he shut it down.

Brandon Roy had significantly decreased his contributions in all non-scoring areas and had consequently become a defensive liability, a very poor rebounder and while still a good passer he was no longer the playmaker he once was. Roy was still able to score (17ppg) at a good clip and with good efficiency due to his high level of intelligence and versatile skill-set as a scorer but his overall game was severely limited.

Prior to the injury, Brandon Roy was an elite NBA player. A top 15 talent.

Hopefully, he’ll be able to regain some promise.

  1. Interesting update – link

    GETTING DEEP INTO BRANDON ROY’S KNEE: I spoke this week with an orthopedic surgeon who is among the growing number of experts around the country who have consulted on the Roy knee situation. Good for the Blazers (and Roy’s agent) for doing the legwork here.

    Consulting surgeon said that the Blazers had already operated twice before on Roy’s knee, and the surgeon said, “Either the original doctor who did those procedures wasn’t forthcoming with the Blazers… or the team was in complete denial about what was going on with his knees.”

    Apparently, no other way to explain Roy’s $83 million contract.


    The “consulting surgeon” whispers that he believes the best-case strategy for handling Roy is this: A) Limit Roy’s practice reps to almost nothing; B) Play him off the bench in 65-75 or so games a season, choosing rest in key spots; C) pray.

    Surgeon suspects the Blazers might get 1-2 years out of Roy employing this strategy.

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