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Spoelstra on Bosh

In General NBA on January 27, 2011 at 10:10 pm

Quick snippet from interview by Spoelstra Why does Bosh have the best plus-minus on the team?

E.S.: He is probably our most important player, especially early on in the season. He’s our crutch. He’s our bail-out. We’re able to run the offense through him and facilitate ball movement through him, easier than anything else we do.

It’s because of his skill set and because we can play our high-post offense through him, with our cuts and movement. We can play him out of the low post with cuts and movement. And we can get into our normal pick-and-roll game, either by running it with him and throwing the ball back to him; or running a pick-and-roll with somebody else, rolling that guy, and replacing with him.

So there’s so many different things we can do where the ball ends up in his hands, and it will facilitate another action. That’s why, offensively, he’s had the biggest impact. It’s really been understated how important he’s been to making this whole thing work.

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