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Game Time: Atlanta vs Orlando

In Game Log / Recap on December 21, 2010 at 7:09 am

Orlando Magic

Just watched the Hawks-Magic game from last night this morning.

Orlando’s big man rotation is a train wreck without Ryan Anderson. Any type of foul trouble to Dwight Howard and this team’s defense will fall apart in a heartbeat. No rim protection.

It’ll be interesting to see if they find a trade that allows to acquire a backup center. They badly need one. Likely with JJ Redick heading the other way.

Hedo Turkoglu isn’t getting enough touches to be the impact player he was two years ago for the Magic. He is more of a 13-14ppg and 3-4apg threat (roughly the player he was in Toronto) rather than the 17/5 guy he used to be here in Orlando. He misses those second units where he could play alongside Anthony Johnson and have the offense run through his hands for 5-6 minutes in each half. He just can’t get those same opportunities with Nelson and Arenas sharing the point.

Jason Richardson is a lateral move from Vince Carter. They missed Rashard Lewis’ three point threat as a stretch four and Gilbert Arenas looks every bit the inefficient scorer he has been over the past 12 months. Just doesn’t have the athleticism / quickness he used to have. Doesn’t get to the rim as well as he used to.

So first returns on the trade look, as you’d expect, fairly poor.

Atlanta Hawks

The Hawks caused Orlando a lot of problems by going big on the wings with Josh Smith at the three and Marvin Williams / Joe Johnson at the two.

It would have been even fiercer if they could put Jamal Crawford in at the point to stop Bibby getting posted up throughout the game on switches on the other end of the floor.

Anyway, it looks like the Hawks have a found a winning strategy against Orlando. They could give them one heck a tough playoff series this year.

  1. Dave,

    Orlando is in a heap of trouble, if Otis Smith fails to pull off Deal #3, which would see the Magic use some combination of their redundant guard-wing players – e.g. Duhon, Arenas, J-Williams, Redick, R-Richardson, Q-Richardson – in exchange for a quality Big.

    The problem is, however …

    There just aren’t a whole lot of teams in the NBA right now that have a need for one of the Magic’s guards or forwards AND also have an extra Big, of decent quality, to trade back to Orlando.

  2. Hey Khandor,

    Yeah, I agree, slim pickings … very few possibilities out there.

    I have been trying to think up a few ideas but it’s extremely difficult to come up with much that makes sense for both teams. The best trade proposal I had was JJ Redick and Chris Duhon for Jason Thompson.

    That would give Orlando’s big men some additional quality and a nice prospect to work with going forward but it would fail to address their short term defensive needs.

    Update: There is an interesting Jeff Foster for JJ Redick rumour out there. That would improve Orlando’s big man depth considerably. Give them enough muscle to fight the top teams.

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