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In General NBA on December 15, 2010 at 7:24 am

I haven’t liked the Kings starting lineup(s) this season and would love to see them change to this type of a rotation:

  • Starters: Tyreke + Garcia + Casspi + Greene + Dalembert
  • Rotation: Udrih + Landry + Cousins
  • Reserves: Head + Wright + J.Thompson + Whiteside

With Tyreke switching over to the two guard spot when Udrih enters the game similar to how they worked it last season. Greene possibly playing some SF minutes too.

I don’t like Carl Landry as a starter alongside Dalembert and Tyreke. I’d prefer to see him take a sixth man role and be the go-to scorer in the second unit like he was in Houston. Sacramento has struggled offensively to space to floor since Landry joined the team due to Tyreke’s flaws offensively and high need for improved spacing. They’d be better off with a stretch four type of presence to create extra space for Tyreke.

I also like that lineup’s ability to switch 1-4 while keeping Dalembert as it’s anchor at the rim. I think that would be an effective defensive lineup.

I think that type of lineup/rotation would give Sacramento their most cohesive lineups defensively and offensively while also being effective rebounding units.

  1. Dave,

    The main problems with the Kings so far this season have been twofold:

    i. DeMarcus Cousins was a wasted high lottery draft pick, given the questionable and disruptive attitude he has shown to-date;


    ii. Paul Westphal has done a poor job, overall, with his in-game decisions, re: which players should be playing at specific times and in which specific roles.

    IMO, the best rotation for Sacramento to going forward might look something this:

    STARTERS: PG/Evans, OG/Garcia, SF/Casspi, PF/Landry & C/Dalembert
    KEY SUBS: PG/Udrih, OG-SF/Greene & PF-C/Thompson
    RESERVES: PG/Taylor [just acquired via trade w/Houston], PF/Jackson & C/Whiteside
    EXTRAS/OUTS: PG/Jeter [who is terrible and needs to be cut], PG/Head [who is terrible and needs to be cut] & PF/Cousins [who is defintely talented, as an under-sized Big, but also a legit ‘head case’ that needs to be traded asap]


  2. Btw …

    IMO, Petrie’s recent decision to pick up Jermaine Taylor [from the Rockets, as a serviceable Back-up PG] came as a direct result of the Kings’ realization that, both, Head and Jeter are simply not legitimate NBA players.

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