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Haslem Out Until All-Star Break?

In General NBA on November 22, 2010 at 5:16 am

Update below – Haslem may miss remainder of season

ESPN reports

An MRI exam Sunday confirmed that Udonis Haslem indeed has a torn ligament in his left foot, which will rob the Miami Heat of their ever-reliable power forward for at least six weeks and likely much longer.

One source close to the situation told on Sunday night that there are fears Haslem will be sidelined until at least the All-Star break depending on whether he needs surgery.

Haslem suffered the injury Saturday in the third quarter of Miami’s loss at Memphis after he collapsed while defending the Grizzlies’ Zach Randolph in the post. Teammates were told Haslem had a dislocated toe in addition to the torn ligament.

The Heat announced that Haslem will see a specialist Monday before a treatment plan is finalized, but the recovery schedule is certain to drag well into 2011 if surgery is required.

Heat president Pat Riley told local reporters at a charity event Sunday night: “We don’t know [the severity] right now. With him, I doubt if he’ll miss the year, but let’s wait until [Monday] to get the final determination of what it is.”

Riley said it’s “unclear as of today” if Haslem needs surgery. But Riley, referring to Haslem’s toughness, added: “We’re dealing with Superman here.”


  • No Mike Miller. No Udonis Haslem. The only two difference maker caliber role players on the roster.
  • Miami only has one clear cut rotation caliber player in their lineup now – Mario Chalmers and his confidence is in the toilet.
  • Udonis Haslem was Miami’s best or second best (Chris Bosh?) defensive big man. His loss will weaken Miami’s interior defense big time. Especially their ability to go small and matchup against lineups with a perimeter orientated or athletic big men.
    • LeBron @ PF is their best strategy here. I would like to see more of this because I think it would help Bosh tremendously. Help Bosh to find his niche offensively. He’d have the paint to himself and be alongside a bunch of slashers/shooters.
  • Haslem has been Miami’s best rebounder on the season. Chris Bosh has done a very poor job on the backboards relative to what he is capable of doing. Now, with no-one else to clean up his lack of effort on the glass, Bosh will have to do better. He simply has no other choice.
  • The possible signing of Eric Dampier is more likely to happen now. That would give Miami another big man of quality, a role player capable of being a difference maker, a real rotation worthy talent. An interior defender, tough rebounder and good screen setter offensively. Miami should sign Dampier and use him off the bench as the backup center.


ESPN reports

Heat forward Udonis Haslem may miss the remainder of the regular season after having surgery to repair a torn ligament in his left foot, and free agent Erick Dampier has been signed to help fill the void that creates.

Haslem ruptured the Lisfranc ligament in his foot, which connects arch bones to the ones leading to his toes. His recovery could take more than four months. The Heat may consider applying for an injury exception if the determination is that Haslem’s season is over.

Four months would be the end of March. Not necessarily end of season but possibly so if his recovery took longer than the four months.

Disable Player Exception

I am not completely sure but it looks as if Miami can apply for the Disabled Player Exception since Haslem was injured before the end of the November … if he is indeed out for the season.

Here is Larry Coon’s summary on the exception

This exception allows a team which is over the cap to acquire a replacement for a disabled player who will be out for the remainder of that season (if the player is disabled between July 1 and November 30) or the following season (if the player is disabled after November 30). This exception can also be granted in the event of a player’s death. This exception can only be used to acquire one player. The maximum salary for the replacement player is 50% of the injured player’s salary, or the average salary, whichever is less (see question number 25 for the definition of “average salary”).

Approval from the league (based on a determination by an NBA-designated physician) is required for this exception to be used.

This exception can be used to sign a free agent, or to create room to accept a salary in trade. When used for trade, the team may acquire a player whose salary (including any trade bonus) is up to 100% of this exception plus $100,000 (not 125%). Also see question number 20 for more information on the availability and use of this exception.

If a player is disabled between July 1 and November 30, the team must acquire the replacement player within 45 days. If the player is disabled between December 1 and June 30, then the team has until October 1 to sign a replacement. If the disabled player comes back sooner than expected, then he may be activated immediately, and the replacement player is not affected. However, if the disabled player comes back before the exception is used, then the exception is lost.

Udonis Haslem only earns $3.5 million so 50% of that would equal $1.75 million in an exception. A 125% plus $100k would equal a little under $2.29 million.

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