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Bogut To Be Limited By Injury?

In General NBA on October 11, 2010 at 9:40 am

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports

After sitting out the Milwaukee Bucks’ first three exhibition games with soreness and swelling in his surgically repaired right hand, center Andrew Bogut is dealing with his physical situation.

“I might not be 100% the whole year,” said Bogut.

“I’m just trying to be a little careful before the real season starts,” he said. “I’d like to start practicing probably this week, but I think it’ll probably be another . . . they said it would be about seven to 10 days from when it first happened.

“The elbow, finger, everything . . . I won’t be 100%, so I’ll have to play through the pain through the season. Even once it gets better, I’m still going to be 90% for the year or 85%.

“I don’t have my mobility and flexibility like I should, but I just have to adjust to it.”

Unpleasant news to be sure.

Andrew Bogut is the engine that makes Milwaukee go. The interior force that anchors Milwaukee’s talented defense + their top rebounder + a stable offensive player who provides the team with much needed diversity to their offensive options (far too reliant on the three ball and Salmons go-to scoring last season). Milwaukee need Andrew Bogut to be a dominant force.

As Bogut goes, Milwaukee goes.

Anyway, until we know for sure what this means for Bogut’s performance level, it’s hard to say how damaging this will be for Milwaukee … but it’s most definitely a worrying statement from Bogut.

  1. The Bucks Other Big Men

    The Bucks have good options at power forward with Mbah a Moute and Ilyasova but they lack a true backup to Bogut at the five. Their options are Drew Gooden, Larry Sanders, Jon Brockman and Brian Skinner.

    * Drew Gooden’s inability to play effective defense has frequently made him a disaster at center. He does have the best offensive arsenal and is quality rebounder too.
    * Larry Sanders is a wild card but early signs point to him being too raw to be more than a bit part player next season. Plus, it looks like he’d be more effective playing alongside a true interior player rather than being the sole interior player. Someone who he can play off of rather than leading the defense himself.
    * Of that bunch, Brian Skinner is their best (proven) option to provide relief for Bogut which is a frightening though.
    * Jon Brockman is a good rebounder and an undersized power forward at 6-7. I don’t much else about the man but it’s hard to imagine him being the answer to this problem.
    * Brian Skinner could have helped when he was younger but it’s unclear how much he has left in the tank. His last two seasons with the Clippers showed considerable decline. Not a rotation worthy player. Then again, he might still provide the best balance of defense + rebounding out of the bunch.

    All in all, from a defense and rebounding standpoint, it looks like a sharp decline from Kurt Thomas.

    So if Bogut is indeed slowed by injuries, the Bucks do not have a serviceable replacement for him + lack someone who take some of his minutes/duties of his plate.

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