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Jerebko Partially Tears Achilles Tendon

In General NBA on October 8, 2010 at 5:47 pm

RealGM has the press release

The Detroit Pistons announced today injury updates on forward Jonas Jerebko.

Pistons medical staff confirmed today through an MRI that Jerebko suffered a partially ruptured Achilles tendon on his right leg during the first quarter in last night’s game at Miami. He is scheduled to have surgery on Friday, October 8 and is expected to miss the next five-to-six months.

That sucks for Jerebko … but it might be good news for Detroit. 

It looked like the Pistons were going to start him at the four and give him a considerable amount of minutes there which would have been a bone-headed decision that hurt them all year long.

So a blessing in disguise for Detroit.

Update: Jerebko is expected to miss about five months which is nearly the entire season.

Start Monroe

Hopefully, this will lead to the Pistons moving Greg Monroe into the starting lineup where he will play as much time as possible alongside the likes of Ben Wallace, Rip Hamilton and Tayshaun Prince.

Detroit’s Coach

I am still quite interested in John Kuester as a head coaching prospect but it looks like his struggles with the Pistons are set to continue + that he’ll be on his way out of Detroit by the end of the season.

I hope he gets another shot as a head coach in the NBA sometime in the future with an easier to manage roster.

  1. Do you honestlybelieve starting Jonas is/was a mistake? Who else was there last year? No disrespect but have you seen Monroe this year? He’s nowhere close to ready foe big time minutes let alone starting.

  2. Hey brgulker,

    The more time Greg Monroe gets alongside Ben Wallace the better he’ll be. He needs Big Ben’s protection defensively. The more time Monroe gets to play alongside smart offensive players like Tayshaun Prince and Rip Hamilton the better Detroit will be able to incorporate his passing ability into the team. The starting lineup is the best place for Monroe to develop.

    Also, at this stage of his career, Ben Wallace plays better defensively when he has a bigger body alongside him. When he’s allowed to play the four instead of the five … which Monroe gives Detroit the flexibility to do some of the time (not always, Big Ben still needed for tougher matchups).

    Greg Monroe shouldn’t be judged on what he is doing now. He should be judged on what he can do 3-4 months from now + which role is the best way to develop him. I firmly believe that is in the starting lineup playing important minutes + playing alongside Detroit’s veteran players. Learning and developing good habits.

    In terms of contribution, I’d expect Monroe to be a fairly marginal rotation player this season. He’ll be serviceable but won’t add much. Similar expectation for Jerebko (Monroe has more potential, takes priority).


    On another note, I am disappointed Detroit didn’t replace Kwame Brown. That lack of a viable backup C is going to hurt them all season long. Also, disappointed Will Bynum was re-signed which will once again hurt the rest of Detroit’s backcourt’s effectiveness (Rip, B.Gordon, Stuckey).

    Change those two things and Detroit could have won 40-44 games this season.

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