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Ebanks Drawing Early Praise

In General NBA on October 2, 2010 at 7:04 pm

A clip from the bottom of an ESPN article on the Lakers health

As the team is integrating five new players into the roster from last season, the breakout star in the early going seems to be second-round draft pick Devin Ebanks, selected No. 43 out of West Virginia, who is in camp on a partially guaranteed contract.

He received a stamp of approval from the offensive maestro Bryant on his scoring ability (“I think Ebanks has shown a lot of promise in terms of versatility in terms of the things he can do offensively,” Bryant said) and from former defensive player of the year Ron Artest on his skill at disrupting the other team’s offense as well (“Devin is a really good defender, people are going to be surprised when they see how he can play defense,” Artest said).

Jackson got in on the praise as well: “Ebanks was very active, very active and it looks like he can be a pretty good defender too.”

Personally, I think Ebanks is the Lakers best backup wing player. His athleticism and defensive ability make him a valuable asset … I just hope he gets the opportunity to show off his talents next year.

However, and unfortunately, Matt Barnes and his over-sized reputation might make that difficult on Ebanks.

  1. Another nice article on Ebanks

    In an ordinary practice, Lakers forward Devin Ebanks showcased an extraordinary effort. He tenaciously guarded Steve Blake at one point, trying to strip the ball away. As soon as he saw the loose ball, both Ebanks and Blake dove for the it. Ebanks came out on top.

    That play epitomizes the grit and determination Ebanks has showcased with the Lakers thus far in training camp. Kobe Bryant has praise for Ebanks’ work ethic, and Ron Artest says, “He has some feistiness in him.” Lakers Coach Phil Jackson had this to say:

    “Devin’s reacting really well defensively. … Offensively, it’s still a little bit of a mystery to him. But he’s got the ability to find open spots and take shots and get down the court and be real active in our offense.”

    The article also mentions that Ebanks is working with assistant coach Chuck Person on his footwork and shooting ability.

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