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Houston Sign Brad Miller

In Free Agency on July 17, 2010 at 1:48 pm

ESPN reports

Veteran center Brad Miller has agreed to a three-year contract worth nearly $15 million with the Houston Rockets, according to sources with knowledge of the situation.The Rockets were always considered a strong contender to win the summer race to sign Miller. He attracted interested from numerous teams but was strongly lobbied to move to Houston by Rockets coach Rick Adelman and guard Kevin Martin after the trio’s success in Sacramento.

The third year of the contract is partially guaranteed, sources said.

Wow, I burst out laughing after seeing this one. That contract is hilarious.

$15 million for Brad Miller? Wow.

At least the final year is only partially guaranteed thus making him a very good trade asset down the road.

Daryl Morey

Daryl Morey seems to be focusing on signing players to these final year partial guaranteed + non-guaranteed contracts after seeing the high added value of them in trades over the past few months and years. Smart, proactive, good way to create valuable trade assets.

Brad Miller

Back to Brad Miller

  • Defense — poor defensive player all around. Poor on team defense in just about every facet of team defense and a poor man-to-man defender against all variety of opponents.
  • Rebounding — Miller has been a good rebounder for most of his career but last season he had a torrid time of it pulling down only 11.4% of available rebounds which is very poor for a center. It remains to be seen whether or not he can bounce back from that next season.
  • Offense — A terrific passer + a very good jump shooter + smart in drawing fouls. However, his declining athleticism has made it more difficult for him to get higher percentage baskets around the rim.

Without the rebounding going back up, Brad Miller is a player of limited value. A borderline rotation player and preferably a non-rotation player. A third string center.

If Miller can get his rebounding back up, then he is only a decent role player due to his lack of his athleticism/quickness and his limitations defensively.

Ideally, the Rockets would want to have an athlete who provides cover for Yao Ming’s own lack of mobility, quickness and defensive ability away from the hoop. Not having that contrast in skill-set off the bench will make Houston increasingly vulnerable to any team with (1) quick big men (2) bigs who can step away from the rim and hit jump shots and/or drive (3) pick and roll heavy offenses (4) transition defense.

Houston’s Offense

Offensively, with scorers like Kevin Martin + Aaron Brooks + Yao and complementary pieces like Scola + Miller + Ariza + Battier + Lowry, the Rockets should be a very good to excellent offensive team.

I expect they’ll be amongst the league leaders in offensive efficiency.

Resting Yao Ming

Brad Miller was brought in to give Houston a legitimate center who’s able to play 2o+ minutes a night while Houston slowly bring Yao Ming back in the fold. The Rockets want to limit Yao’s minutes to the mid to high twenties while he finds his feet and manages his health/conditioning over the opening stages of the season. Depending on well, or badly that goes, Houston will then look to adjust the minutes accordingly.

Rockets Payroll

Houston’s owner has given Morey the green light to spend

  • Yao Ming – $17.69 million
  • Kevin Martin – $10.6 million
  • Luis Scola ~~ $7.7 million
  • Shane Battier – $7.35 million
  • Jared Jeffries – $6.88 million
  • Trevor Ariza – $6.32 million
  • Kyle Lowry ~~ $5.75 million
  • Brad Miller ~~ $5 million
  • Jordan Hill – $2.67 million
  • David Andersen – $2.5 million
  • Chuck Hayes – $2.33 million
  • Aaron Brooks – $2.02 million
  • Pattrick Patterson – $1.82 million
  • Chase Budinger – $780k
  • Jermaine Taylor – $780k

That gives us a total of $80.2 million for a full roster of 15 players.

The luxury tax is set at $70.3 million so the Rockets will have a luxury tax bill of $9.9 million. That will take their payroll up to $90 million.

  1. Expect the Rockets to be one of the better teams in the NBA next season. Given Yao Ming’s history of injuries, this is a good [albeit expensive] signing by Houston.

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