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Utah Brings Back Bell

In Free Agency on July 15, 2010 at 9:13 am

RealGM reports

Raja Bell has agreed to a three-year, $10 million deal with the Jazz.

I don’t like this signing for either the team or the player.

Utah Jazz

I don’t like Utah signing another old player (34 years old) when they should be bringing in youth and looking to rebuild their roster with Boozer leaving + Okur on his last legs + Kirilenko’s contract about to expire.

This is the time when they should be preparing for tomorrow. Not worrying about today.

I also don’t like Utah giving a 34 year old Bell, a player who has declined considerably over the past couple of seasons (particularly on defense), a three year commitment.

Raja Bell

The Utah Jazz are not a contender and they are unlikely to be a contender at any point during his contract.

Raja Bell had interest from Miami, Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago and San Antonio. I thought Bell would have been better off joining one of those teams.

In the end, Bell choose the money ($10 million three years versus $4-7 million over 2/3 years) + playing time over the opportunity to play for a title. A lot like Grant Hill did 12 months ago when he re-signed with Phoenix.

  1. Dave,

    Depending on how fast Gordon Hayward deveops this season … which I happen to think will be a lot quicker than many other people think, and what his ceiling actually is … this just might be a good signing for the Jazz, who will certainly need to acquire and then put some additional pieces around Deron Williams, if they intend to re-sign him at the end of his current contract.

    STATERS: Williams + Miles + Hayward + Kirilenko + Jefferson
    KEY SUBS: Price + Bell + ? + Millsap + Koufos [Fesenko?]
    RESERVES: Gaines + ? + ? + ?
    OUT: Okur-injury?

    There are still quite a few holes in Utah’s line-up, and unless they can fill them with some NBA calibre players, they won’t be a top team in the West for much longer.

  2. Hey Khandor, Koufos was included in the deal with Minny for Al Jeff.

  3. Simon Says,

    Good catch. Makes it even more important that Utah fortifies itself with a few more NBA calibre players between now and the start of next season.

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