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Nuggets Sign Al Harrington

In Free Agency on July 14, 2010 at 10:30 am

RealGM reports

The Nuggets have agreed to terms with Al Harrington on a five-year, $34 million contract.The Mavericks were also pursuing Harrington.

Ouch, that contract is going to hurt

  • Al Harrington has lost a lot of his athleticism over the years and is now a perimeter orientated power forward. Earlier in his career, when he was a combo forward and used as a power three, Harrington was a much more effective player. Relatively speaking, he was a better rebounder and a vastly more talented defensive player. Unfortunately, much like his athleticism, those days are long gone.
  • Al Harrington is now a very poor defender + very poor rebounder + a non-passer + a selfish shot happy volume scorer.

Harrington creates more problems than he solves. This signing hurts the Nuggets. Not just financially but also on the court.

They were better off without him + they are going to regret that five year contract until the day they manage to get rid of it.

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