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Udonis Haslem Re-Signs

In Free Agency on July 13, 2010 at 3:58 am

The Miami Herald reports

In the end, forward Udonis Haslem chose the chance to be part of a dynasty over the opportunity to make more dollars.Haslem said Monday he turned down more lucrative offers to sign a five-year contract with the Heat. The deal is worth in excess of $20 million.

“It was an opportunity to win, an opportunity to be close to my mother, with her illness, and an opportunity to be a part of something special,” he said. “I’ve never been in this for the money. I would be changing my DNA if I changed just for money.”

“I would be lying if we always said it would work out this way,” he said. But the Heat recently increased its offer and “the money is now more reasonable,” he said.

On other offers and his bench role

He said he strongly considered mid-level exception offers (starting at close to $6 million) from Denver — where he believes he would have started — and Dallas.

He said he will be feel more comfortable coming off the bench than he initially did last season, when Michael Beasley was named the starter before the regular-season opener.

“It was giving up your starting job as opposed to someone beating you out for it,” he said of last season. “Coming off the bench behind Chris Bosh, who has multiple All-Star appearances, I have no problem coming off the bench.”

Haslem, 6-8, said he is willing to play center at times if needed. Bosh said previously he does not want to play center.

“I’m sure there will be points in the game where me and Chris play together,” he said.


Excellent signing. Miami got Haslem on a bargain contract at $20+ million over five years.

Haslem gives Miami strong depth up front and is a excellent complement to Chris Bosh and a good complement to Joel Anthony. His strong defense, strong rebounding and midrange shooting are an excellent fit.

Top Seven

Miami now have their top seven players on the books

  • C – Joel Anthony
  • PF – Chris Bosh
  • SF – LeBron James
  • SG – Dwyane Wade
  • PG – Mario Chalmers
  • 6th Man + Primary Backup Wing – Mike Miller
  • 7th Man + Primary Backup Big – Udonis Haslem

Miami now needs to sign a lead backup guard to finish off their first choice rotation. The options available for a minimum contract will be good enough to suffice.

This should put to rest all talk about Miami not having a strong enough supporting cast to win a title. The additions of Mike Miller and Udonis Haslem as well as the presence of Mario Chalmers and Joel Anthony are more than enough help to put Miami over the top.

Other Miami Thoughts

  • I would like to see Miami try to sign a above average defensive two guard like a Rasual Butler or Raja Bell. To give them more lineup options.
  • The lead backup guard as mentioned above needs to be signed too
  • From there is just building depth. A fourth big in the depth chart, fifth big, third string center. A fourth and/or fifth wings in the depth chart and a third string point guard. All spots can be ably filled by minimum contract players.
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