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Q-Rich Heads To Orlando

In Free Agency on July 13, 2010 at 4:07 am

Yahoo Sports reports

The Orlando Magic have reached agreement with Quentin Richardson on a multiyear contract, a league source told Yahoo! Sports.

The deal is expected to be for more than two seasons. The Magic gave part of their midlevel exception to point guard Chris Duhon and could use the remainder to pay Richardson’s first-year salary.

I reckon Duhon got a starting salary of about $3.5 million so Quentin Richardson would be getting about $2.3 million. A multi-year deal, likely $5 million over two years or $8 million over three years. Fine money.

Quentin Richardson is a very good replacement for Matt Barnes. A superior player due to his more consistent (relative to Barnes) offensive game and superior defense (albeit mediocre defense).

I imagine the Magic moved on Richardson because Barnes’ contract demands were too high. Anyway, Richardson is an upgrade over Barnes. Good signing.

Note: I don’t think this signing has any effect on the JJ Redick situation. I believe this is solely about Matt Barnes.

Note: Barnes to LA? For the remainder of their MLE? I don’t think he has that many options. I think he’s overplayed his hand again, like he did a few years ago in GSW. Maybe San Antonio otherwise although I’m not sure he’s their type of player.

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