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Big Al To Utah

In Trade Talk on July 13, 2010 at 4:56 am

Yahoo Sports reports

The Utah Jazz are on the brink of acquiring forward Al Jefferson from the Minnesota Timberwolves, a league source told Yahoo! Sports.

The source called the trade “close,” and Jazz owner Greg Miller appeared to foreshadow it on his Twitter account Monday night. “I just approved a Jazz roster move that I’m very excited about,” Miller tweeted. “Planning to share details tomorrow.”

The Jazz can acquire Jefferson with the trade exception they obtained in their sign-and-trade deal that sent Carlos Boozer to the Chicago Bulls.

Link – ESPN has more on the situation + details on the broken down negotiations with the Mavericks over Big Al

Utah and Minnesota

There is talk of Utah adding in first round draft picks on top of the trade exception to push the deal through.

We’ll keep an eye on this as the day unfolds. Al Jefferson is one of the most talented low post scorers in the league, it’ll be very interesting to see where he lands and for much (little).


The trade is now official

The Utah Jazz have finalized the terms of their expected trade with Minnesota to acquire big man Al Jefferson.

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune and The Associated Press reported Tuesday that the Jazz have agreed to send two future first-round picks to the Wolves in exchange for Jefferson. The deal is expected to be announced later Tuesday.

Sources told on Monday night that the Jazz and Timberwolves were on the verge of completing a trade that would slot Jefferson’s contract into the $14 million trade exception that Utah created earlier this week in its sign-and-trade deal sending Carlos Boozer to the Chicago Bulls.

The two first round choices will likely be in the late teens to early twenties.

Nice trade for the Utah Jazz + underwhelming move by the Timberwolves.

  • It was a forced trade by Minnesota. They just wanted him gone and didn’t get much value as a result. The Wolves would have been better off waiting 12 months to see if they could improve Big Al’s trade value.
  • Utah are still hugely vulnerable defensively, especially on the interior.

Utah’s Starting Lineup

Some thoughts

  • I think Memo Okur is done as a mainframe player. Too He concedes too much to the other team with inferior defense + poor rebounding to be worth heavy minutes anymore. He should be a bench player. Preferably a fourth big in the depth chart.
  • Utah should start Big Al Jefferson at the center position and start Paul Millsap alongside him. Go small and quick.
  • Utah should then go big across the perimeter with Deron Williams, Gordon Hayward and Andrei Kirilenko. Try to use their size, length and quickness to help offset some of their weak interior defense.
  • The secondary option is to start Kirilenko at the four alongside Al at the five and use Millsap as their main backup big man.
    • I would like to see Utah add a quality wing player before heading in this direction
  • The next best option is starting Fesenko or Koufos at center next year.
  • To repeat, Memo Okur should not start. It’ll be a very bad sign for Utah if he is starting next season. Jerry Sloan will be living in the past rather than planning for the future and allowing his team to move on.
  • I still like Sam Dalembert as a potential target for the Jazz in the trade market.
  • Utah will be a good team next season. They should win 50+ games but they are not a title threat. Too weak defensively.
  • Deron Williams will be pleased with this move but there is still a lot more work to be done if they want to keep him in Utah long term.

Update: Information on the picks

The Utah Jazz announced today that the team has acquired center/forward Al Jefferson from the Minnesota Timberwolves in exchange for center Kosta Koufos, the Memphis Grizzlies’ protected 2011 first-round pick (obtained by the Jazz a previous trade) and an additional future protected first-round pick.“We are happy to acquire a young power player who has developed into one of the best low-post scorers in the league,” said Jazz General Manager O’Connor. “We gave up significant assets to obtain Al and we look forward to watching him progress with our team.”

So both picks have lottery protection on them. Okay.

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