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Dampier To Stay In Dallas?

In Trade Talk on July 10, 2010 at 1:01 am

ESPN reports

LeBron James is off the market.

Chris Paul still hasn’t made it to the market.

There is suddenly a real possibility, as a result, that the Mavericks will not use their vaunted Erick Dampier trade chip.

“A good chance,” one team source cautioned.

The chances of Dallas using Dampier’s deal are falling dramatically

  • All the top free agents are now off the market
  • There is a lack of talent on the trade block at the moment in large part due to the high number of expiring contracts in 2010 and 2011. There are less bad long term deals (attached to quality players) that teams are looking to get rid of than we’ve seen in recent years.
  • Several teams have acquired large traded player exceptions which allows them to make comparable offers to Dallas’ Dampier package. That lowers the relative value and uniqueness of Dallas’ offer. More competition … and in a little market place to begin with.

It’s a shame because Dallas are still one piece away from being a legitimate contender.

Al Jefferson Rumour

From the same article linked above

Sources say Minnesota has been urging Dallas to part with Dampier’s contract and draft considerations in exchange for Al Jefferson, who has three years left on his contract at $42 million. The Mavericks keep telling the Wolves that they won’t surrender Dampier’s contract in a Jefferson deal because they have it earmarked for a Gasol-type trade, such as a theoretical sign-and-trade arrangement for James or as the centerpiece of Dallas’ longstanding pursuit of Paul.

I think a Caron Butler for Big Al trade package is more realistic.

I am surprised Minnesota was interested in a straight salary dump. If they want that they can probably pawn Al Jefferson off to some team who is below the cap or one of these clubs with newly acquired large traded player exceptions.

Update: David Aldridge says the Cavs are getting involved in the Al Jefferson sweepstakes and are offering their trade exception to land Big Al.

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