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Nets Sign Travis Outlaw

In Free Agency on July 8, 2010 at 10:15 pm

Yahoo Sports reports

The New Jersey Nets have reached agreement on a five-year, $35 million contract with forward Travis Outlaw, Outlaw’s agent told Yahoo! Sports.

The contract is fully guaranteed and doesn’t contain a fourth-year opt-out. Outlaw is expected to sign next week.

The New Jersey Nets are making panicked moves now. Desperately trying to find some use for their cap space and in essence wasting it away.

The Nets should maintain their cap space similar to the Oklahoma City Thunder did. Allow their young players to grow and blossom. In the meantime, take advantage of smaller opportunities to build up their assets (future picks, more young players) and wait for a truly excellent opportunity to spend your cap space on.

Travis Outlaw

Travis Outlaw is a fairly mediocre player. A combo forward who can play both the three and the four.

  • At the four, he is a go-to scorer. His quickness and athleticism make him a very tough cover. He has nice range on his jumper and a very effective one/two dribble pull up jumper from 15-19 feet. Defensively, he is a liability and he is a liability on the backboards.
  • At the three, he is a complementary player. Outlaw is a mediocre defender (slightly below average) with solid defensive potential. An average rebounder. Struggles to create his own shot against perimeter defenders, against wings with quickness, and can be shut down easily enough by talented defenders.

Spending this much money on a player like Outlaw when you are only in the early stages of a rebuilding process is a mistake. Outlaw is a solid finishing piece for a contender but not a guy you want to build around.

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