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Trade Rumour: Barbosa Moving?

In Trade Talk on July 6, 2010 at 3:13 pm

The Arizona Republic reports

The Suns also were rumored to be talking to Boston about trading Leandro Barbosa for Rasheed Wallace’s contract until Wallace started reconsidering retirement plans. That could have led to a payroll-friendly contract buyout.

The Suns have talked to Cleveland about a deal that would send Barbosa there for Jamario Moon, whose contract expires in a year, and Delonte West, who can be bought out of his contract. Barbosa has two years and $14.7 million remaining on his deal.

Moving Barbosa could put Phoenix in a position to save $3.5 million this season and have more salary-cap space next summer, when Jason Richardson’s contract expires, for a maximum-level free agent. However, after Carmelo Anthony, the 2011 free-agency pool won’t be nearly as strong, and there is a strong chance of a lockout.

I like the Suns trying to move Barbosa. They are better off with cap space than his contract.

However, it is pointless to sign Frye + Warrick when you are trying to build cap space next summer. This clearly points to a lack of planning from the Suns front office.

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