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Orlando Bring In Duhon

In Free Agency on July 6, 2010 at 3:26 pm

Yahoo Sports reports

The Orlando Magic have agreed to terms on a four-year, $15 million deal with free-agent point guard Chris Duhon, his agent Kevin Bradbury told Yahoo! Sports.

Duhon averaged 7.4 points and 5.6 rebounds while starting 59 of 67 games for the New York Knicks last season. He will replace Jason Williams as Jameer Nelson’s new backup.

Not sure about this signing for Orlando.

  • Duhon has played poor basketball, the worst of his career, over the past 18 months.
  • Duhon has a reputation for his extraneous off the court activities (heavy nightlife)
  • Duhon is a limited player who relies on his athleticism, focus + effort and defensive intensity (which has been missing in action) to be effective.

(1) — Put those three things together and there are some real doubts about how well Chris Duhon will age. About how well Duhon will do throughout this next contract.

(2) — Then again, maybe Duhon leaves NY and takes a smaller role in Orlando around far more gifted/talented teammates, enjoys the smaller role which hides his weaknesses better and takes some pressure of his shoulders … which helps Duhon get back to his best basketball.

What bothers me is that I don’t have a clue which of these two (extreme) possibilities will happen … which makes this a risky signing because it could go either way.


This may be a good signing for Orlando or it may be a bad signing. We don’t know until we see how Duhon rebounds (or fails to rebound) from his poor stint with the Knicks.

Hmm … Dwight Howard has a way of making his teammates look very good so I’m going to lean towards the positive and say Duhon is more likely than not to to retrieve his best form than not.

Tentatively, I’m going to say this is a good signing.

I would be more comfortable with a more reliable player though. Someone who doesn’t have as many question marks as Duhon.

  1. Duhon going to Orlando, as a highly capable back-up … with good size and a team-first attitude … to Jameer Nelson, is a solid move for the Magic.

  2. So this move means Jason Williams is not returning? Couldn’t they have have resigned him for something cheaper and with less years?

  3. At this point of their respective careers, C-Duhon is a better PG than J-Will.

  4. Hey Simon Says,

    Jason Williams finished the season very poorly. He wasn’t worth bringing back. Not in that role. He was the weakest player in their rotation. They needed to upgrade him.

    By signing Chris Duhon, hopefully, they have managed to do so … if Duhon keeps it together.

    That said, Orlando should consider bringing back J-Will as a third point guard in the depth chart. He would be a solid play in that role. Rather than the liability he was as a lead backup guard.

  5. There was a very good article on on Chris Duhon

    One of the main reasons that Duhon should mesh well with the Magic is because he is able to run pick and rolls effectively. It’s no secret that head coach Mike D’Antoni runs a pick and roll-heavy offense with the Knicks. As a result, the 1/5 pick and roll with Duhon and David Lee was a regular sight at Madison Square Garden the past two seasons. Yet the stats show that Duhon was average in pick and rolls as the ball handler. Why? Well, Duhon isn’t the greatest shooter in the world and he does a poor job of finishing at the rim (48.1 percent). Nevertheless, Duhon does an excellent job of hitting the roll man. Duhon is a better passer than he is a scorer, in those situations. Even though Duhon is more than capable of executing pick and rolls, he shouldn’t be considered a devastating option offensively like Jameer Nelson. By the way, Duhon’s turnover percentage is alarming, given that his usage rate is low. That’s a problem.

    When Duhon isn’t running pick and rolls, he is a good spot-up shooter. Duhon thrives in catch-and-shoot situations and oddly enough, fares better when he’s guarded (46 percent) than when he’s unguarded (32 percent). Given that a lot of Orlando’s points come from spot-up shooting opportunities, Duhon should fit in nicely in that regard.

    The longer I have had to think about this the more optimistic I am about Duhon getting his career back on track after a rough 18 months in New York.

    I think he’ll be a very good signing for Orlando. A very good backup guard.

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