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Dallas Offer Dirk Maximum Deal

In Free Agency on July 2, 2010 at 5:24 pm

ESPN reports

Dallas Mavericks president of basketball operations Donnie Nelson presented an offer to Dirk Nowitzki’s adviser, Holger Geschwindner, as their long-standing talks resumed Friday morning and could wrap up with Saturday’s scheduled meeting.

The Mavericks were expected to present Nowitzki with the maximum offer. The most he can re-sign for is four years and $96 million.

The meeting took place at Nelson’s residence in South Dallas. Geschwindner then headed to the Mavericks’ offices at American Airlines Center.

“It was a very productive meeting. Everything seems to be progressing nicely,” Nelson said. “We’re hoping that tomorrow we’ll be able to get some resolution.”

Dirk Declining?

Yes, Dirk has shown some decline on the defensive end of the floor and with his rebounding. His offensive game is still as lethal as ever though.

Good Deal, Bad Deal

In terms of impact, I would value Dirk in the $15-19 million range.

So, $96 million over four years is more … but Dallas didn’t have any options on this contract. There was no doubt that another team would have stepped up and offered Dirk a maximum deal ($93 million elsewhere) if Dallas failed to make this offer.

Financially, the Mavericks had no choice on the numbers.The only choice was to pursue or not to pursue and Dallas made the right choice. They are only one impact player away from being a legitimate contender for an NBA title and they have the flexibility required to make that move. It was worthwhile for Dallas to overpay Dirk in order to keep that opportunity alive.

Done Deal?

Yeah, pretty much. I don’t see Dirk leaving Dallas. Not when they are showing him this type of admiration/respect.

Update: Dirk Accepts + Leaves Money On The Table

ESPN reports

Sources close to the situation told that Nowitzki and Mavericks owner Mark Cuban have reached terms on a new four-year contract after a series of wrap-up meetings that consumed much of the day.

The deal, sources said, is worth at least $80 million and includes a no-trade clause, with Nowitzki making good on a longstanding offer to Cuban to take less than the maximum $96.2 million he could have received over the next four seasons in exchange for assurances that the Mavericks will use that financial flexibility to ramp up their efforts to acquire a top-tier sidekick.

Well done Dirk …

Big pay difference there, $16 million over four years. Dirk showed great commitment to helping turn Dallas into a title worthy team there.

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