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Bucks Add Gooden

In Free Agency on July 2, 2010 at 3:11 am

Yahoo Sports reports

Drew Gooden has reached agreement on a five-year, $32 million contract with the Milwaukee Bucks, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

Gooden has played for eight teams in eight seasons, and hopes to find some stability with the fast-rising Bucks.

Bucks general manager John Hammond and agent Dan Fegan struck quickly on Thursday and cut a deal to help solidify Milwaukee’s frontline.

I don’t like this signing for the Bucks

  • $32 million over five years is too much money for Gooden.
  • Gooden is a defensive liability which negates a lot of his positive contributions offensively + on the glass.
  • Milwaukee had an effective power forward combination of Ersan Ilyasova and Richard Luc Mbah a Moute. I think breaking up this duo to fit in Drew Gooden is going to weaken Milwaukee at the power forward position.

I thought Drew Gooden was going to command around $12 million over three seasons. Seeing him get another $20 million and two additional years is very surprising. The Bucks drastically overpaid to land Gooden.

  1. The entire NBA has lost it mind. These first day contracts are pure lunacy.

    5 years, 39 million for John Salmons?
    Has John Hammond forgotten that he is 31 years old? Why did they pick up Maggette?
    What are the Bucks doing? 102 million for those trio of contracts.
    I thought the plan was for Redd’s 18.5 contract to expire and target Melo in 2011. They are throwing away all the flexibility they were going to receive.

    Was there something in the water in Detroit? With Joe D’s spending last summer plus the Bucks spending this summer… i am flabbergasted.

  2. Hey Simon Says,

    Yeah, John Hammond is forcing the issue here. No patience. Hammond is a lot like Joe Dumars. They both feel the need to make immediate improvements + that that improvement is the right move to make even if it cuts off future opportunities.

    The Bucks would have had better opportunities down the road.

  3. IMO, you are mis-reading the Bucks situation.

    Much like the Hawks of the last few seasons, Milwaukee knows full well that they are nowhere near ready to step up and run with the big boys. Instead, what Hammond is trying to do, is at least ensure that their team doesn’t sink to the bottom of the league without any solid hope of being a playoff contender. Yes, he is overpaying for mediocre talent, but … what he’s really doing here is positioning himself for the next 5 seasons, during which time he hopes to increase the overall talent on his roster gradually while keeping an eye out for a Big Fish on the loose who might then be able to push the Bucks into the top 4 in the East, when the time is right.

    Will it work?

    Time will tell.

    In the smaller-market cities, however, it isn’t a bad ploy at all, IMO.

  4. One caveat …

    Drew Gooden is a strictly mediocre-to-terrible basketball player and, personally, I would never want him on my team, eating up salary of any kind.

  5. Khandor,

    I don’t think the Bucks needed to take on these long term expensive contracts in order to stay in the playoff picture.

    The Bucks had cost effective role players in Carlos Delfino, Ersan Ilyasova and Mbah a Moute. Make a couple of short term signings to see them through to next summer or the year after that and then look to make bigger long term orientated moves.

    These decisions appear to be forced to me. Lack patience. Too much focus on today and not enough on 2-3 years from now + 4-5 years from now. The Bucks had great potential to build a title contender around that time … I think they’ve made that a lot more difficult to achieve with these moves.

  6. Dave,

    IMO, the Bucks will still be in position to move each of these players who they signed to bigger contracts 12-24 months from today … except for Drew Gooden.

    Given what John Hammond did in Detroit with Joe Dumars and, then, last year with the Bucks, I would hesitate a good while longer before writing him off because of moves like these.

    i.e. if Milwaukee fills out their roster properly they are firmly set in the middle of the East for the next few seasons, while they continue to stockpile younger players to goth with Mr. Jennings, LRMAM, Ilyasova and Bogut.

    The Bucks are a good 3-5 years away from making a push towards the top of the EC standings, but they should at least be able to fight for a playoff spot with the roster they have now. In a smaller market like Milwaukee that’s a good thing, IMO.

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