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Atlanta Shopping Marvin Williams?

In Trade Talk on July 2, 2010 at 2:42 am

The San Francisco Chronicle claims so

Atlanta is shopping small forward Marvin Williams, who regressed a little after a promising 2008-09 season. The Warriors have already contacted the Hawks and might call Houston, if swingmen Trevor Ariza and Shane Battier are really on the trade block.

I’m not sure if I buy this yet but it caught my eye and thought it was worth a quick look.

I think there are two main options when trading Marvin Williams

  • Trade for talent – the Hawks would be looking for a very good to elite role player. Since they have two big men, and JJ is likely staying, the Hawks will likely look for a point guard (Jose Calderon?) or a small forward (Turkoglu?). The other option is to try and find a young prospect with good potential.
  • Trade for cap flexibility – the Hawks trade Williams to a team below the cap in exchange for a future draft pick (likely a mid to late first rounder) + use their new found cap flexibility to sign Josh Childress. The Hawks are currently too close to the cap to keep both Childress + Marvin and will have to choose between the two as a result. The idea here is that the Hawks see more value in a first rounder and Childress than they do in Marvin Williams.

Personally, outside of maybe a Jose Calderon trade, I would rather see the Hawks hang onto Marvin Williams. There are a lack of trade targets that scream out as improvements for the Hawks + I rate Marvin higher than Childress.

  1. What are your thoughts on those two proposed trades for Toronto?
    And on a Hedo/JJ/Jeff Teague? backcourt for ATL?

    I’m still hoping that JJ for the second time in his career doesn’t turn down the chance to win a championship for money and that he finds a way to Dallas.
    He would be foolish to turn down the extra year and the 30 million that come with it because i don’t see even the free wheeling, luxury tax loving Mark Cuban biting on that contract.

    I want Dirk and JKidd to have at least one ring on there hall of fame resume. Also, it be nice for Cuban to be rewarded for the commitment he has given to the organization/fans in Dallas.

  2. Hey Simon Says,

    Hedo In Atlanta

    I don’t like the idea of Hedo Turkoglu playing alongside another playmaking wing.

    I don’t think he’ll see enough touches of the ball, get enough players run where he is asked to be the playmaker. Consequently, I think he’ll perform closely in line with what he did for the Raptors last season rather than what he showed with the Magic previously.

    So, if I were the Hawks, I wouldn’t touch Turkoglu with barge pole.

    Jose + Atlanta

    Jose Calderon would be an excellent fit for the Hawks. His shooting ability, low turnovers and general offensive facilitating would be a superb fit. An excellent replacement for an aging Mike Bibby.

    Calderon would be more valuable in the long run that Marvin Williams.

    The Raptors

    A Marvin Williams for Hedo Turkoglu trade is a lateral move. The Raptors would lose some offensively and gain some defensively + rebounding wise. Hedo Turkoglu is the more dynamic talent and capable of contributing more, given the right role, but Marvin is the better complementary player (role player) given his defensive ability. So it just depends on whether you want a star to base your offense around or a glue guy.

    That said, I would trade Turkoglu for Marvin Williams. Mainly due to Hedo’s age. The Raptors are in rebuilding mode now and a player like Hedo (old + needs a lot of touches) doesn’t fit into that picture. Better off with Marvin. Also, because I don’t think the Raptors are willing to re-engineer their offense around Turkoglu’s playmaking off the pick and roll.

    A Marvin for Jose trade would hurt the Raptors. There isn’t a big enough role for Marvin to fill with Turkoglu on the roster.

    To make an argument against Jose, Marvin would need to start + play 35 minutes a night + be the primary defensive stopper + rip down 6-7 boards + score 15ppg a night efficiently. Even at that, it would still be a lateral move. A different type of player rather than an improvement.

    Plus, a Jack + Marvin combination on the perimeter would put a lot of pressure on the starting two guard to be a creator offensively and nobody on the Raptors looks capable of filling that role (DeRozan’s handle + passing + shot creation abilities are all too weak). Without that creative threat, the Raptors would be very easy to defend on the perimeter.

    So, if I were the Raptors I would keep Calderon but consider trading Turkoglu.

  3. At this point in his career, Marvin Williams is a mediocre wing player in the NBA.

    From Toronto’s perspective:

    – keeping Turkoglu makes more sense
    – keeping Calderon is a no-brainer.

    Unless your team already has a quality wing player, ala Joe Johnson, you would be better off without a limited ability player like Marvin Williams as one of your other key perimeter players … and the Raptors have no such wing player on their current roster.

  4. I would make the Marvin for Turk trade if i were the Raps, but not if i was the Hawks. Turk is older and needs the ball, but is a big shot guy (so are Crawford, Bibby and JJ)while Marvin is a versatile 3-4 with tremedous upside. If the hawks are shopping him, they’ll find a better suitor that Toronto.

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