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2010 Free Agency: Day One Signings

In Free Agency on July 2, 2010 at 4:05 am

We saw several signings on Day One of Free Agency. Let’s have a quick recap:

  • Minnesota signs Nikola Pekovic – three years $13 million – good contract
  • Minnesota signs Darko Milicic – four years $20 million – good contract, bad fit = bad signing
  • Milwaukee signs Drew Gooden – five years $32 million – bad contract
  • Memphis signs Rudy Gay – five years $82 million – bad contract
  • Milwaukee signs John Salmons – five years $39 million – bad contract
  • Phoenix signs Channing Frye – five years $30 million – bad contract
  • Toronto signs Amir Johnson – five years $34 million – good contract
  • Atlanta close to signing Joe Johnson – six years $120 million – bad contract

A total of seven signings and a eight which is nearby. Only two of those deals where good moves.

The other five/six will likely be regretted by their respective teams down the road.

  1. I really do like the Raptors signing. This kid came out of high school, played 4 years with Detroit and 1 year with Toronto. basically he is a second year player if you consider his time with the Pistons 4 years at University. he is athletic as any big man and with Bosh leaving he’ll get a bigger role.
    Joe JOhnson signing will be dumb for the Hawks, unless he is agreeing to a sign n trade. simply put…he is not a max contact guy; I like the salmons signing. he brought the Bucks some much needed scoring; I thought Darko was going back to Europe? hopefully he can put up decent numbers for the Twolves

  2. Hey masterjuddi,

    Joe’s Max Contract

    I am fine with the Hawks paying Joe Johnson a five year max contract. I think he is a max contract player and that the deal is fine value for five years but that sixth season absolutely kills me.

    Those fourth and fifth seasons are bad enough … but you can live with them because of what you’re getting overall. You’re willing to overpay in those years for what you’re getting today and over the next couple of seasons (good value in those years).

    However, add another season on top of that, and the contract becomes too heavy a burden. It’s a deal-breaker.

    One Exception

    It’s a deal breaker except in one circumstance … and that is if signing Joe Johnson will put a team over the top. If they are a legitimate contender, one of the top 3/4 teams in the league, and will have several cracks at a title with Joe at the top of his game over the next few years.

    Unfortunately, Atlanta aren’t that team and it is uncertain (unlikely?) whether they will ever become that team. Given that risk, there is no way that Atlanta should give Joe Johnson this contract.

    Atlanta is going to regret giving Joe Johnson this deal. It will make it more difficult for them to become a Title Contender.

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