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Knicks Met M.Miller First

In Free Agency on July 1, 2010 at 7:01 pm

RealGM reports

The Knicks will meet with Mike Miller as free agency begins at 9:01 PM EST local time in Los Angeles.

Joe Johnson will meet with the Knicks shortly thereafter.

Both Miller and Johnson are represented by Arn Tellem.

The Knicks met Mike Miller first? He was the first guy they talked to in free agency?

That is strange, which got me thinking:

Backup Plan

I reckon the Knicks just showed us their backup plan.

If New York fails to land two marquee max contract players then I believe they’ll sign one max contract player + re-sign David Lee + sign Mike Miller with the remainder of the cap space.

  1. A Mike Miller update … appearantly the Lakers have offered Miller their MLE

    Source told that Mike Miller has already met with the Lakers, Knicks and Heat out in L.A. Lakers offered 5 years, $30 million.

    That would be a terrific signing for LA. I would love to see that deal go through.

    Source told that Lakers gave Mike Miller a deadline of tonight. Miller’s camp trying to receive more time.

    Interesting ploy by the Lakers.

    Miller would have a lot of comparable and would have likely taken some time in making his decision. Especially considering there is a good chance that Miller becomes a fall-back option for a team that strikes out in free agency and is willing to give Miller more than the MLE to secure his signature.

  2. I think it is foolish for the Knicks to take on Amare if they want to win an NBA championship. He is obviously very talented but I think that there are a lot of flaws in his game that won’t allow his team to translate to an NBA championship. Also, you think you could check out my blog cuz I really want to know what you think.

  3. If the Lakers can sign Mike Miller, it would be a solid fit for their team.

    There are good reasons why the same teams keep winning year-after-year in the NBA.

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