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Salmons To Opt Out

In Free Agency on June 22, 2010 at 4:25 pm

Sam Amick reports (via Real GM)

John Salmons has told the Bucks that he will opt out of the final year of his contract and hit the free agent market.

Salmons helped lead Milwaukee to the postseason and a seven-game defeat at the hands of Atlanta in the first round.

“Free Agency 2010 sleeper alert: John Salmons has notified Milwaukee that he will be opting out, according to a source close to him,” Sam Amick of FanHouse wrote on his Twitter page.

The Milwaukee Bucks reportedly offer John Salmons a four year extension worth $27 million on top of next year’s contract which would be roughly equal to an MLE contract. A deal which Salmons will be hard pressed to improve on in the open market.

Milwaukee was also an excellent situation for Salmons. A playoff caliber team with good youth (Bogut, Jennings) and cap space. A team that looks set to rise in the East. Salmons had a big role as a scorer and one of their best players. A role, on a team of this quality, that Salmons will find very difficult to get anywhere else in the league.

Which leads me to wonder, what the hell is John Salmons doing?

What he is trying to accomplish? Salmons had the best offer financially and the best offer in terms of individual role? What more does he possibly expect to get? And is his adviser telling him something different? Saying that he can get more money? If so, he needs to get new representation.

  1. The Hawks are going to look to John Salmons as their Joe Johnson replacement should JJ leave Atlanta in free agency this summer

    If Milwaukee guard/forward John Salmons opts out of his contract as expected next week, the Atlanta Hawks will be standing in line to greet him as an unrestricted free agent July 1.

    The Hawks, according to a source within the organization, have discussed Salmons internally as a top option if they are unable to keep All-Star guard Joe Johnson.

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