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Game Seven: Perkins + Bynum Updates (Perk Out)

In 2010 NBA Playoffs on June 16, 2010 at 4:46 am

Kendrick Perkins

Ric Bucher reports via twitter that

  1. He saw Perkins “walking out under his own power but very stiffly”
  2. Sources say Perk has two sprained ligaments in his knee.
  3. And, Perk’s reply to whether he’ll play in game seven — On Thurs: “I’m going to try to give it a go.”

CSN reports on exact ligaments in question

  • That Perkins has sprained MCL and PCL ligaments in his right knee
  • MRI will be taken tomorrow and that will shed further light on Perk’s situation

WEII + Steve Burton reported

  • That Perkins couldn’t even bend his knee walking out of stadium and do not think there is any way he can play in Game Seven.

Chris Sheridan, for ESPN, writes an article on Perk’s situation – link

  • Celtics source says “Perk is done”
  • Doc Rivers says “it doesn’t look great” when asked about Perk’s availability for Game Seven.

The Boston Globe reports that Doc is unsure who he’ll select to start in Perk’s place should he fail to play.

Doc Rivers said Tuesday night that he wasn’t sure who would start in Game 7 if Perkins could not, though Rasheed Wallace seems the likely choice given his size in defending Bynum.

“I haven’t given that any thought yet on who we would start,” said Rivers. “It’s pretty easy to figure out, it’ll be one of two guys — Rasheed or Baby — but I’m not sure. We’ve got to get better play out of Baby, and I told him that after the game. We do. He has to come with that same spirit he came in the famous Shrek and Donkey game. We need that again, and we need that from everybody.”

Another report from ESPN — mainly a repeat of earlier statements

Celtics coach Doc Rivers didn’t disclose the severity of the injury or what he had been told, but didn’t sound optimistic, either.

“I don’t know,” said Rivers. “It doesn’t look great, but I don’t know.”

Update: WEII reports that Perkins has a severe PCL strain is very doubtful for Game Seven.

Update: Perk is out

Celtics center Kendrick Perkins walked into Staples Center on crutches this afternoon and told reporters he has torn MCL and PCL ligaments in his right knee. The injury ends any chance that Perkins will play in tomorrow’s Finals Game 7 against the Lakers.”It’s crazy,” said Perkins. “I bang all the time and come out fine, and this time I get hurt. It’s one of those plays you wish you could take back.”

Some reaction

Rivers said he has not decided who will start in place of Perkins. Rasheed Wallace and Glen Davis are the two options, with the taller Wallace the likely front runner given his length in guarding Lakers center Andrew Bynum.

“They all bring different things to the game,” Celtics captain Paul Pierce said of the team’s big men. “Obviously Perk brings his toughness on defense and rebounding. Rasheed also does the same but he can do a little bit more scoring in the post. Baby, he’s really good at scoring, outside, inside, big banger, rebounding. Just got to take advantage of these guys’ strengths and what they bring to the game.”

Andrew Bynum

ESPN reports

Bynum racked up two points, four rebounds and one block Tuesday in 16 minutes of playing time before requesting to be taken out of the game less than two minutes into the third quarter with the Lakers holding an 18-point lead.

“I just felt like I was hurting the team and we had a big lead [and there were] a couple of rebounds I couldn’t get to,” Bynum said. “I couldn’t really pick my leg up, so, with the lead, the opportunity to rest and I felt a couple of little twinges, so I just asked off.”

The 7-footer was accompanied by Los Angeles trainer Gary Vitti to the locker room, evaluated and returned to the bench midway through the third quarter, his night finished.

“He wasn’t able to move very fluidly the second half,” Lakers coach Phil Jackson said. “He had some tightness in the back of his leg. He just said, ‘You’ve got to take me out, I can’t run.’ And it was obvious at that point that he couldn’t. He had some swelling in the back of his leg, and we’ll have to work on that and see if they can’t ice it down and control that.”

Bynum has been playing with a torn meniscus in his right knee that will require July surgery.

He said there wasn’t any specific play that bothered him, although as early as 8:27 remaining in the first quarter it was apparent he was having trouble leaping when he allowed Ray Allen to grab an offensive rebound when Bynum clearly had position.

On his availability for Game Seven

Bynum is listed as questionable for Game 7, according to the team, but after playing in all 22 of the Lakers postseason games thus far, he made it clear that he expects to play Thursday.

“I’ll get some more treatment and be back at it Thursday,” Bynum said. “I have to gut it out Thursday and see what my options are again.

Update: It looks like Bynum is going to play. Still unknown what type of condition he’ll be in. The Lakers need to hope for at least a repeat of Game Six’s contribution.


So, it looks likely that Bynum will play in Game Seven but it’s unknown how effective he’ll be + it is looking unlikely but possible that Perkins plays.

(1) Kendrick Perkins has now officially been ruled out of Game Seven. He will not play.

(2) Andrew Bynum is expected to try and gut it out for one more night. So he will play.


Without knowing how much Bynum will be able to play or at what level … it is impossible to tell how much of an advantage the Lakers will have here if at all.

That said, any serviceable performance from Bynum (15-20 minutes) swings the big man advantage into the Lakers favour + a good performance (in 20-25 minutes) gives them a large advantage over Boston.

The Lakers are the team to beat in Game Seven.

  1. I think the big key for Boston, in how large a loss Perkins becomes is … is Rasheed Wallace’s ability to stay out of foul trouble + to rebound the basketball.

    I feel confident enough in Sheed’s defensive play in this series and his offense is streaky so that will be whatever the hell that will be … but his foul trouble and his rebounding. The C’s can win without Rasheed playing well offensively but they can’t win without a good performance from him on the backboards + him staying on the court for 26-32 minutes.

    Rasheed has had two dodgy rebounding games (Game Four + Game Six) when he grabbed only 5 rebounds in 39 minutes combined. In the other four games, Sheed has played above himself, and snared 19 boards in 70 minutes.

    Rasheed Wallace has been a very poor rebounder throughout the season but he has played with a much higher level of focus + composure + commitment here in the playoffs and especially in the Finals.

    They need one more night from him on the backboards to give their team a chance at winning this game.

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