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Fisher To Continue Playing

In Free Agency, General NBA on April 21, 2010 at 10:42 am

The LA Times reports

“I put aside as far as me thinking this could be it in terms of my last postseason playing basketball,” Fisher said. “I know for sure that’s not true.

“This is the last year on my contract. I know I want to play basketball after this. I will play basketball as long as somebody is willing to offer me a job. But that doesn’t mean that it’s going to be on a team that can win a championship.

“So, from that perspective now is the only thing that matters. You can’t think about next year. You can’t think about the past. It’s just about right now.”

Not Rotation Worthy

Derek Fisher is no longer a rotation caliber player for the following reasons:

  • Shooting ability + Scoring Efficiency — Fisher has been a serviceable perimeter jump shooter but has very poor scoring efficiency overall
    • Fisher shot 38% from the field and 34% from downtown this past this season
    • That gave him an eFG% of 45% and a true shooting percentage of 50%
  • Fisher’s defense continues to decline and his inability to defend the quicker guards around the league has become a big problem for his team. His positioning and anticipation is still good but the body won’t do what the body won’t do.
  • Fisher is also a below average rebounder and has always been a limited passer. Plus an uptick in turnovers.

In summary, Fisher is a bad player who hurts his own team.

Third String Point Guard

Derek Fisher still has excellent value as a leader inside a locker room. He carries tremendous respect from his peers, is an excellent communicator and has great experience.

Derek Fisher can still make a positive contribution to his team if he is used as a third string point guard. As such, Fisher’s monetary value is a minimum contract.

Lakers Need Replacement

The Lakers point guard position has three main requirements

  1. Shooting ability to space the floor for their big men + Kobe Bryant
  2. Defensive ability
  3. Composure + decision making + ability to handle pressure

The Lakers should focus on point guards who carry a good combination of those attributes.

Steve Blake would be a very good target.

  1. Would Jose be a good pg in the Laker’s setup consider the defensive ability of the other 4 players? Or is his defensive ability too much of a flaw?

  2. yup, a caliber of Steve Blake or better yet, if they could woo Devin Harris to join the Lakers next season would be a great boost to the PG position…anyway, here are my thoughts on the La LAkers-OKC Thunder series also…might wanna check this out…

  3. Hey Dino Gunners,

    Jose Calderon’s offensive contributions would limited severely by the Triangle offense making it a poor fit for him. The offense takes the ball out of his hands too much. He would be comparable to a Steve Blake type player if Blake was placed in the same situation.

    Defensively, Jose Calderon is a poor defender but his defensive issues are grossly exaggerated by frustrated Raptors fans. A lot of the problem the Raptors have had defensively at the point are due to Bargnani’s inadequacies defensively. It’s a case of misplaced blame …. that said, Calderon is still a poor defender. He is a negative defensively. Just nowhere near being an overbearing one.

    Jose’s defense is only a minor issue. He would look much better than he does with Toronto on a high quality defensive team.

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