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Link: Morey On Rockets

In General NBA on April 17, 2010 at 12:26 pm

Excellent article on the Rockets website with Daryl Morey discussing the health of the Rockets franchise + offering details of the Rockets summer moves/goals.

On bringing Scola and Lowry back (both are restricted free agents this summer): They’re going to be back. Mr. Alexander said we’ve got all the resources. When we made the trade at the deadline and walked him through it, we said this might be a year where we go above where we’ve been before in terms of financial commitment and he felt like what we were getting in the trade (was worth it). Kyle and Luis are two of his favorite players on the team – for the obvious reasons that they help us win and they’re both hard working guys – and we’re going to have them back… Mr. Alexander said we’re keeping them no matter what.

On areas hoping to upgrade the most: With Yao Ming back next year, it is a situation where early on he’s not going to come out playing 40 minutes the first night. So we do feel at the big spot, even with Luis, even with Yao Ming, even with the guys who have potential like Jordan Hill and even guys we have a lot of faith in like Chuck Hayes and with depth like David Andersen, I do feel like there’s the potential to add someone there who could play maybe more minutes than you might expect early because I think Yao Ming is going to have to work his way back in to playing high minutes. Obviously the draft is a time when a lot of changes happen in the league but I think during the free agency period bigs will be more of a priority.

Well worth checking out. Morey always offers good insights to what he is trying to achieve with the Rockets.

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