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Pacers To Keep Larry Bird

In General NBA on April 9, 2010 at 11:58 pm

Indy Star’s Mike Wells opens the article

Indiana Pacers owner Herb Simon doesn’t like watching his franchise suffer through a fourth consecutive losing season.

But despite the potential for the first 50-loss season in more than two decades (the Pacers are 30-48 with four games left), Simon said in a recent interview that coach Jim O’Brien will return for his fourth season and team president Larry Bird will continue to lead the club’s rebuilding project.

“The losses aren’t where we want them to be, but we feel like things are getting there and there’s light at the end of the tunnel,” Simon said.

The article then shifts to a Q&A with Herb Simon.

Q: Can the same be said about Larry Bird? The two of you have always had a handshake agreement when it comes to his contract.

A: Yes, Larry will be back next season. It’ll be up to him on if he wants to return after next season. Larry is a no-nonsense guy. He calls the shots the way he sees them and he’s never going to compromise his values, which I appreciate.

Nothing surprising amongst the answers.

  1. Disappointed with the season
  2. Thinks it is important for the players to win more games despite not having a chance to make the playoffs. Hurting their draft odds in the process.
  3. Gives strong backing to both Bird and O’Brien, particularly Bird
  4. Mentions their cap flexibility in 2011 and as the light at the end of the tunnel

Overall, disappointing news for Pacers fans. They’re going to have to endure at least another year under Larry Bird’s watch.

  1. I find it interesting when teams decide to keep management/coaching in place when most fans think it’s time for a change. Makes you question how much you really know about the game as an observer and not an insider.

  2. The Pacers are not trying to win 50 games just yet.

    The Pacers are still trying to right their ship in the wake of the Brawl at the Palace.

    First, Donnie Walsh had to be let go.

    Second, Larry Bird had to be given control of the franchise.

    Third, the Pacers needed to clean house.

    Fourth, the Pacers needed to increase their overall talent base.

    Fifth, the Pacers will need to establish some continuity.

    Sixth, the Pacers will need to find themselves a Top Tier head coach.

    Seventh, the Pacers will need to play >.500 basketball and make the playoffs.

    Eigth, the Pacers will need to finish somewhere in the #1-4 positions of the EC.

    In summary, the Pacers are still a long way from becoming a legitimate contender in the NBA.

    Hence, it makes little sense to fire Jm O’Brien at this time.

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