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Kings Waive Dorsey

In Free Agency on March 30, 2010 at 8:27 am

The Sacramento Bee reports

The Kings waived forward Joey Dorsey on Monday. He was acquired Feb. 18 from Houston in the three-team trade that brought Carl Landry to Sacramento.Despite the Kings having nine healthy players Sunday, Dorsey was the only player who didn’t play. He averaged 1.5 points and 2.3 rebounds in eight games.

Excellent opportunity to pickup a quality young prospect for free.

Joey Dorsey is a good-to-very good prospect at the center position. An solid defender with very good-to-excellent defensive potential, an excellent rebounder and a player who plays within his limitations offensively.

Some team should step up today and sign Dorsey to a multi-year contract. Allow him to spend some time around the team near the end of the season to learn the system. Then have him spend the summer around the club and become a valued role player next season.

  1. Dave,

    IMO, Joey’s best position in the NBA is Power Forward.

    If I was running a NBA team, I would definitely be interested in signing him to a contract for next season.

  2. Totally agree Dave, wouldn’t mind having him on board. If Colangelo can find a taker for Evans’ salary, I think Dorsey would bring basically the same thing basketball-wise. I had hoped Evans would toughen up this team and bring about a change in attitude and it hasn’t happened.

  3. Dorsey’s Best Position

    I am worried about his offensive game as a power forward. I think he would need to play alongside an offensively gifted center, someone skilled and with a jump shot. If he has that type of player alongside him, then I’m fine with him playing at power forward.

    Otherwise, I think he can make a larger impact as a center.

    Dorsey’s lack of offensive ability make it difficult for him to play alongside most centers around the league. To play alongside another player who is limited offensively.

    It would be fantastic for Dorsey if he could improve his composure on the ball, his decision making and passing. I think those improvement in those areas would go a long way towards Dorsey being a big minutes earner in the future. Those contributions combined with good screens and good garbage man play around the rim would make him an effective, albeit limited, offensive player.

    Joey Dorsey vs Reggie Evans

    I think Dorsey is the better player between the two of them because of his defensive ability. Reggie doesn’t play defense … he tries hard, he’s just lousy at it.

    Add in Dorsey’s potential to improve and it’s a home run decision. I’d love to see Colangelo sign him.

    It’ll be very interesting to see which teams steps up and signs Dorsey this summer.

  4. Dave,

    Dorsey’s lack of shot blocking ability [i.e. on his own check and coming from off the ball] reduces his overall effectiveness at the defensive end of the floor, at the center position.

    Instead of thinking of his short-comings offensively … which is a basic mistake that many NBA observers fall prey to … at the Power Forward position, think of his specific strengths … i.e. on Defense, Rebounding, and on Offense … as a super-athleticized version of Paul Silas.

  5. Khandor,

    I’d like to see more of Dorsey against NBA competition before commenting on his shot blocking further.

    I have seen very few of his minutes with the Rockets (he hasn’t played enough) and as a result I am basing my opinions on Dorsey off of what I’ve seen from him during summer league play. He did a good job altering shots and playing strong interior help defense on that stage. Also in college.

    You might be right about Dorsey’s lack of shot blocking but I haven’t seen enough of him against NBA talent to say for sure.

    On another best position note

    What position do you think Glen Davis is best suited to?

    I consider him best off as an undersized center. I think his team defense (particularly his pick and roll defense) is far more effective at that position and that his best asset in man-to-man defense, his post defense, is best used at that position. Also that his lateral quickness is an advantage against most centers but not against most power forwards. So primarily for defensive reasons, but not shot-blocking, I think Glen Davis is best off as a center in the NBA.

  6. Dave,

    If Glen Davis is your team’s Center, in the NBA … your team isn’t very good.

    On the other hand, if Glen Davis is your Power Forward … depending on who you have at the other 4 positions, and what overall system you employ, i.e. defensively, offensively, and rebounding-wise … your team might just be darn good.

    e.g. if/when 100% healthy, a 5-Man Unit of:

    Rajon Rondo, PG
    Ray Allen, OG
    Paul Pierce, SF
    Glen Davis, PG
    Kevin Garnett, C


    Coaches: Doc Rivers and Tom Thibodeaux

    IMO, is certainly capable of winning a NBA championship;

    while, a 5-Man Unit of:

    Rajon Rondo, PG
    Ray Allen, OG
    Paul Pierce, SF
    Dirk Nowitzki, PF
    Glen Davis, C


    Coaches: Rivers and Thibodeaux

    is not.

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