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Amazing Gasol-Lakers Stat

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The Lakers have lost three straight games for the first time in the 217 games they’ve played since Pau Gasol joined the team.

Wow, that is an incredible achievement.

Good Article

Here’s a snippet from the article linked above

Bryant took 28 shots against Miami, 21 against Charlotte and 30 Sunday in Orlando. That’s an average of 26.3 shots per game. In the five games that Bryant missed with the injury, Gasol led the team with 15 shot attempts per game, followed by Shannon Brown with 14.2, Ron Artest with 12.4 and Lamar Odom with 10.4 — and the Lakers went 4-1.

“We haven’t been playing with a good flow out there offensively and it takes a lot of people out of their rhythm,” Gasol said. “We need to figure out how to move the ball a lot more so there’s a flow out there, there’s a rhythm.”

When Gasol was pointedly asked if the offense was being bogged down by how many shots Bryant has been attempting, he answered, “I don’t know” at first, but then made the point he was trying to make regardless of whether he would be treading a little harshly on the guy who just hit back-to-back 22-footers with 26.4 seconds left and 12.9 seconds left in the fourth.

“Kobe’s a great player,” Gasol said. “We have to find balance as a team, as a unit out there. Kobe’s a great player and he’s probably the best offensive player out there. We understand that. … But at the same time, we need to find that balance and we need to find balance with our interior game developing … using it a little more and moving the ball and changing sides more, because that’s the triangle, that’s what it does. … We need to get focused on that a little more. To find that balance, to find that flow.”

Kobe Bryant’s self-centered offensive play has been the biggest problem with the Lakers offense this season. If he took on more of a facilitating role similar to the role he had with the Lakers during the three-peat with Shaq … the Lakers would be much better off for it.

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