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Sonny Weems vs Jamario Moon

In General NBA on March 8, 2010 at 7:22 am

Who is the better player? Jamario Moon or Sonny Weems?

I have seen a lot of Raptors fans comparing the two players over the past few weeks and months because of their similarities — minimum contracts, came out of nowhere, exceptional athletes with similar body types (thin + explosive + long wing players).

So, I thought it was worth giving the two of them a quick comparison

Some Notes


Sonny Weems pulls down 2.3 rebounds per game in 16.7 minutes a night for an average of 4.9 rebounds per 36.

Jamario Moon averaged 4.6 rebounds in 25.9 minutes a night for a mark of 6.4 per 36 in 2008/09 and averaged 6.2 rebounds in 27.8 minutes for an average of 8 per 36 in 2007/08.

Advantage: Jamario Moon — Moon was a vastly superior rebounder

Scoring + Scoring Efficiency

Sonny Weems scores 6.1 points per game for an average of 13.1 per 36. He does so while shooting 48% from the field and posting a true shooting percentage of 50.3%. Weems takes 5.7 shots and a free throw to get his 6.1 points per game.

Jamario Moon scored 7.2ppg for a mark of 10 per 36 in 2008/09 and 8.5ppg for an average of 11 points per 36 in 2007/08. He did so while posting true shooting percentages of 54% (rookie) and 56.7% in his final season in Toronto. Moon was taking 7.4 shots and a free throw (TS% 54% season) to get his 8.5ppg.

Sonny Weems averages about a turnover per game and 1.8 turnovers per 36. Jamario Moon averaged 0.5-to-0.7 turnovers per game while playing considerably more minutes (10 more per game) while averaging 0.7/0.8 turnovers per 36.

Advantage: Jamario Moon — Moon scores slightly less but is a lot more efficient. The efficiency advantage is more important.

Jump Shooting + Inside Scoring

Two thirds of Weems’ shot attempts come outside of the paint and he hits 38.4% (eFG%) of them. The other third comes inside the paint and he makes 66.7% of those shots.

Similar breakdown for Jamario Moon’s rookie season. Two thirds of his shots where jumpers but he hit 44.1% of them and the other third came in the paint where he made 68.4% of them.

In Jamario Moon’s second season, he took a larger proportion of jump shots. Increasing the breakdown to 77% jumpers + 23% interior shots. Moon made 46.5% of his jump shots and 76.4% of his interior shots.

Advantage: Jamario Moon — Moon was a significantly superior jump shooter and Weems didn’t get into the paint often enough to override Jamario’s increasingly jump shot happy game.

Blocks + Steals

Sonny Weems averages 0.4 blocks per game and 0.4 steals per game. On a per 36 level, he averages a combined 1.8 blocks/steals.

Jamario Moon averaged 1.1 steals per game and 0.8 blocks per game in his final season in Toronto for a combined per 36 figure of 2.6 blocks/steals.

In his rookie season, Moon averaged one steal and 1.4 blocks per game and posted a combined per 36 minutes number of 3.1 blocks/steals.

Advantage: Jamario Moon — he created more steals and blocked more shots

Overall Defense

A more subjective category …

I would rate Sonny Weems as a slightly below average while I consider Moon a slightly above average defender. I think they’re largely even as man-to-man defenders but I thought Moon’s team defense was substantially better.

Advantage: Jamario Moon


Another heavily subjective category … Assists aren’t a perfect measurement for passing ability and even less useful when comparing two players who do not spend much time on the ball. However, they do point us in the right direction in this case so let’s have a look at those numbers.

Sonny Weems averages 1.2 assists per game and 2.5 per 36. Jamario Moon averaged the same number of assists per game but it took him ten more minutes to do it. On a per 36 level, Moon averaged 1.5-1.7 assists.

Advantage: Sonny Weems — Neither player makes much of an impact with their passing ability but Weems has a clear advantage (still below average).


  • Rebounding — Moon — large advantage
  • Defense — Moon — solid advantage
  • Passing — Weems — solid advantage
  • Scoring + Scoring Efficiency — Moon — solid advantage
  • Jump Shooting + Interior Scoring — Moon — large advantage

Overall, Jamario Moon is a vastly superior player who comes close to beating Weems across the board and by a significant-to-large margin in each category.

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