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Bobcats Sold For $175mil

In General NBA on March 4, 2010 at 12:05 pm reports

If NBA owners approve, Michael Jordan is going to buy controlling interest in the Charlotte Bobcats for a price that values the franchise at about $175 million. This is a big blow to the NBA because current owner Robert L. Johnson paid an expansion fee of $300 million seven years ago and the league has several teams hunting  for investors.

Other than right here, I doubt you will see a price for a long, long time in the media. Usually, when a team is sold related stories include estimated prices, frequently leaked by the NBA or someone involved with the transaction. I searched Google but could not find one story that mentioned the price. The NBA is embarrassed about the $175 million valuation. And rightfully so.

Wow, that is a shockingly low price.

If the Bobcats can build a successful management team and consequently have a sustained period of success on the court … they’ll be able to increase that price tag in a massive way.

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