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Bulls Sign Richard, Waive Hunter

In Free Agency, General NBA on March 2, 2010 at 7:26 pm

The Chicago Tribune reports

In a move speculated for days, the Bulls will re-sign Chris Richard and waive Lindsey Hunter some time in the next 24 hours.

Hunter will remain in the organization in an unspecified position.

Fair enough. Solid decisions.

The Bulls had a lot of options at point guard with Derrick Rose, Jannero Pargo and Acie Law. They also had combo guards Kirk Hinrich and Flip Murray. And, if really pressed they’ll be able to use Devin Brown at the point. In summary, they have a lot of depth of options available to them.

Lindsey Hunter was a decent third string point guard. A solid defensive player and an excellent locker room leader. In truth, I would rather have kept him than Acie Law or Joe Alexander … but not a big deal. Fair enough. They had a lot of depth there and they choose to keep the younger guys.

Chris Richard is a solid sixth big in the depth chart and a decent fifth big. He is a useful signing. I think I would have gone after Dwayne Jones instead but Richard is a solid get + he already knows the system from his time with the Bulls earlier this season.

Chicago has a few big men — Joakim Noah, Brad Miller, Taj Gibson, Hakim Warrick, James Johnson, Jerome James and Chris Richard — I imagine Richard will be their third string center ahead of Jerome James.

  1. Is Joe Alexander not redeemable? If thats the case the Bucks blew it picking him up at #8 but i guess it says a lot when you give up on your lottery pick after only ONE season.
    From what i remember from at WV. He is an excellent athlete, nba body, great size for a sf, good mid-range jumper as he had yet to develop an outside threat in college. He was able to finnish around the basket and got to the ft line.
    He’s only played 60 games so far in his career. Do you think he’s headed to a journeyman career in this league?

  2. Hey Simon Says,

    Here’s a clipping from a comment I wrote on Joe Alexander when the Bucks declined his option earlier this season.

    My impressions of Joe Alexander’s ability

    Alexander is a tweener stuck in between the small forward and power forward positions. He’s best at the four right now but long term you’d hope to see him make the transition to the three.

    Alexander cannot effectively guard his mark at either positions and consequently he has serious defensive problems (physical problems – lateral quickness issues at the three, undersized at the four). Offensively, his jump shot is poor and he struggles against the quickness that opposing small forwards have defensively. When he moves to the four he gets some a quickness advantage but he lacks the BBIQ to properly take advantage of it … too often settling for jump shots (which he’s bad at) when he should drive to the rim (good at) and look to finish or draw a foul (good at). He does have a decent post up game for a three (since he can jump right over the top of someone and get a good look at the rim) but it’s still not efficient enough to be a go-to option (similar to Joey Graham, a little less effective though). As a rebounder he’s about average for a small forward and very poor for a power forward. As a passer, he’s poor.

    There’s no above average skill level anywhere. He’s an inefficient and ineffective scorer at both spots. Alexander is a better scorer at the four spot though. He’s a liability defense. He’s a mediocre to very poor rebounder depending on his position. And he contributes very little with his passing.

    Joe Alexander is a very poor NBA player who isn’t good enough to crack a team’s rotation. He has a huge amount of development to go through just to be a serviceable 15-20 minute a night player.

    The good news is that he was tabbed as an incredibly hard worker and showed improvement each year whilst in College. So you have to feel there’s a good chance that he’ll improve over the next few years in the NBA.

    But after that improvement, what’s left? A lottery pick talent? Or a role player? And since scoring is his next best attribute, what type of a role player can he become? Huge question marks around Alexander’s future.

    Joe Alexander is a long term prospect. He needs a team that will be patient in developing him. In coaching him and teaching him how to better take advantage of his skills.

    And if he doesn’t get that … I don’t think he makes it in the NBA.

  3. After Luol Deng at the SF position, Chicago really doesn’t have an established back-up player. If Joe Alexander can’t get any burn with the Bulls the rest of this season, given their current list of injuries, then it’s highly unlikely he’ll be able to keep a roster spot in the NBA next season. These next 20 games will tell a great deal about his future prospects.

  4. Hey Khandor,

    I think someone else will give Joe Alexander an opportunity next season. It will be a minimum contract with no guarantee of playing time but someone will offer him a job.

    Similar to the Celtics signing of Patrick O’Bryant the summer before last.

  5. Dave,

    A major difference between POB and Alexander, however, is that Joey is far from being 7 feet tall.

    If he can’t get any PT coming off the bench for these Chicago Bulls, at his present dollar value, it is going to be very difficult for him to catch on with another NBA team, even as a minimum contract player.

    In addition, from Alexander’s perspective, his best chance to improve his stock across the NBA down-the-road might just be to go to Europe and see, if by getting increased PT, he can gradually ressurrect his career, ala Anthony Parker.

  6. Khandor,

    Dajuan Wagner? He got a gig in Golden State after failing in Cleveland. Although, one could argue injuries played a large role in him getting a second chance.

    Anyway, I still expect Alexander to get a minimum contract offer. Someone will be curious enough to throw him a small amount of money.

    I like your suggestion of Alexander going to Europe. I think that is a very good option for him + his future in the NBA.

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