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Trade Deadline Rumour Updates

In Trade Talk on February 17, 2010 at 6:22 pm

Okay, I’m going to use this post to keep track of the multitude of trade rumours circling around in the media at the moment.

I’ll be updating the thread later today and then again tomorrow.

Houston Leaning Towards Keeping T-Mac

Sean Deveney reports

It’s been about eight weeks since the Rockets and used-to-be star guard Tracy McGrady parted ways, with Houston vowing to find a trade for McGrady. Over the last few days, a number of scenarios emerged—the most serious involving the Bulls and Knicks—and reports had McGrady’s departure from Houston seeming imminent.

But on Wednesday, sources told SN that the Rockets are now indicating they are leaning toward not trading McGrady—for now, at least. Houston, apparently, is unhappy with the offers it has gotten from the Bulls and the Knicks, which would involve the Rockets taking on too much long-term salary and not getting enough young assets in return.

Deveney continues by citing reported trade offers

The Bulls’ offer, reported in the Chicago Tribune, is the expiring contract of center Brad Miller ($12.3 million), plus forward Tyrus Thomas and either John Salmons or Kirk Hinrich. The Rockets don’t want Salmons, who has a player option for next season, and the remainder of Hinrich’s contract (he’s signed for two years after this season, at $17 million combined) is too hefty for the Rockets. The Bulls have been seeking a third team to make the deal work, but a source told SN that those efforts were not getting very far.

The Knicks’ offer centers on the expiring contract of Larry Hughes ($13.6 million), plus Jared Jeffries and a swap of draft picks. Contrary to reports, a source close to the negotiation has told SN that the Knicks have said they won’t part with rookie big man Jordan Hill in the deal, and if the Bulls are unable to sweeten their offer, the Knicks would have no reason to include him, because they’d be essentially bidding against themselves.

Link: Another report of Donnie Walsh being unwilling to include Jordan Hill in the trade.

Update: Rockets trying to bring the Kings into the deal now. The Bulls trade, not NY. They’re willing to take back Beno Udrih, Andres Nocioni and Kenny Thomas in return for the Kings protected first round draft pick. Sacramento would bring back Brad Miller and get Tyrus Thomas. With Chicago getting McGrady. It doesn’t look like there’s anything serious or likely to happen from these talks.

Update: The Rockets have traded McGrady to the Kings. Sacramento may still try to flip McGrady to the Knicks (either in a three way trade or a separate transaction) and try to pick up some assets in the process.

Two league sources tell Y! Sports the Kings are unsure whether they will keep McGrady or expand the trade to three teams and send him to the New York Knicks.

Update: Tracy McGrady hopes to join the Lakers or Cavs if he is bought out of his contract. They are his first choices.

Adrian Wojnarowski makes two posts via twitter — link one + link two

If T-Mac gets buy out with Kings, he privately hopes to sign with Lakers or Cavaliers for the playoffs, source close to him tells Y!

No evidence Lakers would have interest, but Danny Ferry kept an eye on T-Mac this season. That said, unclear if either team would want him.

Phil Jackson won’t be interested in someone who doesn’t play defense. If McGrady were to join the Lakers, he wouldn’t be able to crack the rotation + stay in the rotation. It would be a Mitch Richmond to the Lakers situation.

The Cavaliers would take a chance on McGrady but they shouldn’t. They have enough questionable defensive players already. I love what Mike Brown manages to achieve defensively but please give the man some help.

Update: McGrady’s agent will raise hell if his client isn’t bought out of his contract. McGrady does not want to be in Sacramento.

Unless the Sacramento Kings send Tracy McGrady(notes) to the New York Knicks before Thursday’s 3 p.m. ET deadline, there could be an intriguing showdown with McGrady’s agent Arn Tellem.

“If they don’t trade Tracy, there’s going to be some fireworks,” one source with knowledge of the talks said Thursday morning.

Tellem is one of the NBA’s power agents and represents several Kings, including rookie star Tyreke Evans

Update: The Kings tried to flip McGrady to New York. They asked for David Lee and were rebuffed both by the Knicks and apparently by Lee (trade veto due to qualifying offer).

Update: It became a three team deal — final details + analysis are available here.

Sixers Not Blowing Up Team

Good article on on the Sixers

But after Tuesday’s 27-point loss to the Heat, it might want to think about rebuilding. There’s a school of thought that it’s better to be bad than mediocre in this league, because it can be easier to start from scratch than have to rebuild with middling parts.Stefanski isn’t a student at that school though. He’s received plenty of suggestions from friends, fans and the media on how to best “blow it up,” but has rejected them all.

“There are a lot of things you have to think about when you begin dismantling a team like that,” Stefanski said. “And you’re not always guaranteed that when you dismantle that team and draft at a certain spot, that the player you want is going to be there.

“And the year that you may have that cap space, [there’s no guarantee] that the player is going to be there that’s going to help that team. There’s a lot of questions either way.”

So the Sixers are a team looking to retool, rather than rebuild.

“We were very active and a lot of teams were looking for us to make financial deals, to send back expiring contracts,” Stefanski said. “We want to improve the product on the court.”

Also, the Sixers will not make trades based purely on financial reasons. They are only willing to make trades for basketball reasons

A couple of weeks ago, the Philadelphia 76ers were at the top of every trade rumor page. Now, with a day to go before the deadline, not much is being written about potential deals involving Philly.Apparently, the league has heard Ed Stefanski’s message to potential trade partners: The Sixers are not “sellers.”

Stefanski is making and taking calls this week, but he’s looking to improve his team and not necessarily its financial situation.

“The financial does not come into play,” the Sixers president said Tuesday. “We’re looking for value basketball-wise. We’re not looking at trying to help us financially.”

It doesn’t look like the Sixers will be active at the deadline. Reportedly, they’ve pulled Iguodala off the table and rightly so. There is little-to-no interest in either Elton Brand or Sam Dalembert. The only significant trade assets the club has are it’s future — Thaddeus Young + Marreese Speights + Louis Williams + future draft picks — and it doesn’t look like the Sixers are willing to part with any of those.

Louis Williams is a maybe though. Phily might consider parting with him but I expect they’ll find Williams has more value to them as a player than as a trade asset.

Link: Similar report in the Phily Inquirer.

Jannero Pargo

Chicago Tribune reports

League sources also said the Bulls are trying to accommodate Jannero Pargo by finding him a team where he will receive playing time. Pargo’s $2 million contract expires after this season.

So, Pargo has requested a trade and all Chicago is likely asking for in return is a comparable expiring contract that is equal or less than what Pargo makes  (since they’re so close to luxury tax threshold).

I’m doubtful that any playoff team would consider making a run at Pargo. There is no-one off the top of my head that desperately needs a scoring backup point guard.

Update: Some late interest in several of the Warriors more valued players but nothing came of it.

League sources said teams showed interest in Monta Ellis, Corey Maggette, Andris Biedrins and Anthony Randolph, but general manager Larry Riley said he doesn’t foresee making a trade today.

“We’ve spent quite a bit of time with everything we could look at, but I don’t have anything that I expect to happen,” Riley said. “I believe that most of the deals that get done will be of the cap nature, and if we do anything, that would very likely be the direction it would go.”

“We’ve been intrigued a little bit, but we haven’t been pleased with any of the offers that have come our way,” Riley said. “Nor has anyone been pleased with anything I have come up with. We’ve had a lot of dialogue, but we’ve gotten to the point in which I’m not going to give up some of the players who I think are actually pretty good.”

Larry Riley did not rule out the possibility of moving Maggette but such a move would be highly unlikely. There just isn’t enough interest in him.

Warriors Likely To Stand Still

Matt Steinmetz reports

These things tend to go in quick cycles, but Warriors general manager Larry Riley was less enthusiastic about making a deal before this week’s trading deadline than usual on Tuesday.Riley termed the Warriors’ chances of making a trade before Thursday’s deadline “unlikely” during a phone conversation in the afternoon.

When asked if one major obstacle to making a deal was other teams’ insistence on the Warriors including their 2010 first-round draft pick, he responded: “That would be fair.”

That final paragraph, the first round pick, is related to the Corey Maggette trade talks. Apparently, the Cavs are demanding a first round pick + Maggette for expiring contracts. The draft pick is considered the necessary incentive to take on a contract as long and as poor as Maggette’s.

That, though, is a lot of garbage and Golden State shouldn’t consider it for one moment. Reject it straight out of hand.

Marc Spears follows up

The Cleveland Cavaliers have spoken with the Golden State Warriors about swingman Corey Maggette, but as of late Tuesday afternoon the teams hadn’t talked for four days, league sources said.

If the Maggette-for-Zydrunas Ilgauskas talks don’t pick up, the Warriors are skeptical about their chances of making any deal before Thursday’s deadline.

Pistons Interested In Kaman

RealGM reports

The Clippers held off on discussing center Chris Kaman prior to trading Marcus Camby to the Trail Blazers.According to sources, the Pistons are now showing interest in Kaman, who is a Michigan native.

Sources added that Los Angeles is unlikely to deal Kaman, even though he has two years and $23.5 million remaining on his contract (after this season).

I don’t expect the Clippers to trade Kaman but they do need to trade either him or Baron Davis to get far enough under the cap to offer a max contract. They could then build around Blake Griffin + Eric Gordon + max contract player + one of Baron/Kaman and put a Championship caliber core out on the court next season.

Unfortunately, that makes far too much sense for the Clippers to pursue.

Also, the Pistons are trading talent for talent rather than cap flexibility for talent so they wouldn’t be a suitable trade partner anyway. The Pistons have been floating Tayshaun Prince’s name around fairly aggressively but they have been unable to get anyone to bite, to give up an impact player for him, due to his injuries + poor play this season. Prince has looked better over the past few games though.

Link: Pistons do not want expiring contracts for Rip + Tayshaun.

Link: Can’t blame Dumars for not making a move at the deadline.

Gooden Buyout?

The Washington Post reports

The Wizards said that Gooden was going to arrive after settling some personal matters, but league sources later revealed that Gooden was hoping to negotiate a buyout on the remainder of his $4.5 million contract.

Gooden, who would be on his eighth team in eight seasons after joining the Wizards, has been traded at the deadline in each of the past three seasons and a league source said that he had no desire of moving again. A person with knowledge of the situation said the Wizards might not make a decision on Gooden until after Thursday’s trade deadline, after which they will have a better sense of their roster needs. The Wizards have already talked about moving Gooden in another trade to acquire an asset, according to sources.

Drew Gooden could be a useful backup big man for someone. It’s unclear which playoff teams would be interested in him and who, out of those teams, would offer him the largest role/minutes.

So we’ll wait awhile before looking at the frontrunners for his signature.

DJ Augustin Staying In Charlotte

Marc Spears reports

The Charlotte Bobcats sound like they would prefer to hold onto guard D.J. Augustin through the deadline. At the least, Augustin provides some level of security if Raymond Felton leaves the Bobcats as a free agent this summer.

In other words, Charlotte wasn’t able to get any decent offers for a player they’d like part ways with.

So they’ll be patient and give him the rest of the season to prove himself before trying to trade him again in the offseason.

Kevin Martin To Remain In Sacramento

The Sacramento Bee reports

But just two games after Kevin Martin’s overtime breakout helped the Kings down New York, and one game after his 26-point outing in Detroit helped build rare momentum entering the break, he was just another King again.After sitting for nearly the first six minutes of the fourth quarter, he approached the scorer’s table to check in. But a Thompson putback layup had just cut the Celtics’ lead to two and the unit that also included Tyreke Evans, Beno Udrih, Spencer Hawes, and Casspi had scored five consecutive points.

So Martin, kneeling and waiting to enter, decided to return to the bench. By the time it was over, the player once deemed such a core piece of the organization’s future had played 15 seconds of the final period.

With the trade deadline approaching Thursday, it certainly raised a curious question about his status within the organization. While sources continue to report that the Kings aren’t motivated to trade him, the task of actually utilizing him and receiving consistent production remains a challenging one.

There was irony in the opponent, as Boston has legitimate interest in Martin as the sort of young scorer who could take over for Ray Allen. That proposal was rebuffed by the Kings, however, and all indications are that Martin will remain in Sacramento for the foreseeable future.

“We like (Martin),” Kings co-owner Gavin Maloof said before the game when asked how Martin fits into the current plan. “We’ve always liked Kevin. We think he’s a big part of what we do. You saw his play these last few games, and he’s really come on really strong. We love his play.”

I expect Geoff Petrie to wait until the offseason before deciding on Kevin Martin’s future. By waiting until the summer instead of trading him now, the Kings have everything to gain (Martin + Evans figure it out) and nothing to lose (comparable offers will be the on table in summer).

Sergio Rodriguez

The Bee also reports that

Elsewhere on the trade front, there is the possibility that reserve point guard Sergio Rodríguez could find himself wearing a different jersey soon. Sources said Memphis, New York and New Jersey have all inquired about the little-used fourth-year player, who is in the final season of his contract.

A potential trade may not result in the Kings taking back a player and instead saving the remaining money on Rodríguez’s salary this season of $1.8 million.

Rodriguez would make a very nice backup point guard for someone.

I think the Knicks would drop their interest if they picked up House in exchange for Nate Robinson. The Nets don’t have a lot to offer and will be reluctant to trade away a good piece (Chris Douglas Roberts comes to mind) for a two month rental.

The Grizzlies are the best bet and they may include their lowest first round draft pick (own three picks) for Sergio Rodriguez. Getting Rodriguez would be a big improvement over their current options in the backcourt off the bench and would help the Grizzlies in their push for the playoffs.

Heat Wary Of Luxury Tax

ESPN reports Roger Mason-to-Miami trade discussions

The Miami Heat have indeed expressed interest in San Antonio’s Roger Mason, but the Miami deal that interested the Spurs most is no longer possible.The Spurs were hoping to tempt Miami into absorbing Mason’s $3.8 million expiring contract into a $4.3 million trade exception that would have enabled the teams to complete a deal without San Antonio needing to take back another player. A future second-round pick from the Heat would have completed the transaction.

But the Heat, dealing with their own luxury-tax issues like San Antonio and reluctant to add to their payroll, ultimately declined.

I think Miami only adds to it’s luxury tax bill if it’s getting a star quality player in return. Not for a role player like Roger Mason Jr.

Roger Mason Jr

Yahoo Sports reports

After all, veteran shooter Roger Mason is available in San Antonio and Memphis needs some scoring off its bench. Yes, sources say, the Grizzlies do have an interest with Mason and have the cap space to absorb much of his $3.7 million salary. But a league source says Grizzlies general manager Chris Wallace still needs the OK from owner Michael Heisley to take on the contract.

Roger Mason Jr would make a nice backup guard for Memphis. They’d be better off with a more creative point due to their inexperienced bench but Mason will do a solid job for them.

Amare Stoudemire News

USA Today cites Amare’s agent who expects Stoudemire to be traded by tomorrow

The agent for Amare Stoudemire says he expects the All-Star power forward to be traded by Thursday’s deadline, with Cleveland and Miami the most likely destinations.Happy Walters told The Associated Press it would make no sense for the Phoenix Suns not to trade Stoudemire only to see him walk away as a free agent at the end of the season.

Suns general manager Steve Kerr declined to comment on the situation. Kerr never has said the team definitely would trade Stoudemire, only that he is listening to offers.

ESPN reports

ll is still quiet on the Amare Stoudemire trade front. As of Wednesday afternoon, sources familiar with the negotiations said the Suns have yet to signal whether the team will trade Stoudemire to the Cavs or Heat — or whether it will trade him at all.The Cavs have been pushing for the Suns to give them an answer. But Phoenix is holding out and likely will wait until Thursday to make a decision, according to sources.

Of the two teams vying for Stoudemire, only the Heat have actually received permission from the Suns to speak to Stoudemire’s agent. The Cavs, as of Wednesday afternoon, have yet to call.

Still, sources close to the negotiations say that, right now, Cleveland is the front-runner. Why? Because the Heat have yet to offer the Suns a deal that would beat the Cavs’ offer of Zydrunas Ilgauskas and J.J. Hickson. One source familiar with the negotiations told that the Heat have yet to offer Michael Beasley or either of their two first-round picks.

“I’m not sure Miami is willing to pay the price for Amare,” a Suns source told “We have to get something for him. We’re not giving him away. If Miami gets serious, then I think they would get him. But right now, they are not showing they’re serious.”

Is there a possibility Stoudemire won’t be traded at all?

“It’s possible,” the Suns source said. “We haven’t been blown away with an offer yet.”

Steve Kerr adds

“Nothing has changed,” Kerr said Tuesday. “I’m still gathering information.”

Update: Cleveland has acquired Antawn Jamison and is now out of the running for Amare Stoudemire. Miami remains the sole strongly interested trade partner but there are some teams with cursory interest (Chicago, Phily, San Antonio — all dubious over financials and fit though).

Update: Looks like Stoudemire is staying in Phoenix. Miami haven’t upped their offer and Phoenix isn’t enticed to sell.

Update: Suns rejected the Cavs offer of Big Z + Hickson + a first round pick + Danny Green prior to the Cavs deciding to make the Jamison trade.

I can’t find the link that said the Suns rejected it but here is a link to Yahoo Sports noting the offer.

The Suns, the source said, don’t seem enamored with the Cleveland Cavaliers’ offer of Zydrunas Ilgauskas, J.J. Hickson, Danny Green and a 2010 draft pick that figures to fall among the final five first-round selections.

Update: Amare is very likely to remain in Phoenix

Phoenix star forward Amar’e Stoudemire confirmed to FanHouse on Wednesday night he won’t be traded by Thursday’s deadline.

Miami could still easily acquire Stoudemire if they were willing to part ways with Michael Beasley so there’s still a chance of a last minute deal between the two sides. But it doesn’t look like Miami is willing to do so.

Update: A late mysterious bidder has entered the picture

Update: Amare will stay in Phoenix. Amare, his agent will be having dinner with Steve Kerr + Robert Sarver tonight to smooth things over and get back to business.

Update: Amare sounds happy enough to be staying in Phoenix.

Update: The late mystery bidder was the Houston Rockets. ESPN reports

The deadline indeed passed at 3 p.m. Thursday afternoon with Stoudemire still in Phoenix, but only after the Suns and Houston Rockets engaged in 11th-hour discussions, according to sources close to the situation.

One source told’s J.A. Adande that the Rockets offered veterans Shane Battier and Luis Scola, multiple draft picks and the expiring contract of Brian Cook for Stoudemire.

But the source said Phoenix wanted to waive the requisite physical examinations for the players involved to make sure the trade went through in time, only for Houston to refuse because of Stoudemire’s injury history.

Yet another source with knowledge of the talks disputed that account, telling that the Suns initiated the conversation by asking for Battier, Scola and draft considerations, which Houston refused.

So some uncertainty about who initiated and who rejected the deal. Both accounts have Houston rejecting the trade in the end though which is surprising because it looks like they were getting a great deal on Amare. Not convinced it was Houston who walked away from that trade.

Antawn Jamison

ESPN reports

For weeks, sources close to the situation have asserted to that the Wizards were reluctant to trade Antawn Jamison. During the past 72 hours, however, the Wizards’ position on Jamison appears to have softened considerably.Sources say the Wizards and Cavs had discussions on Tuesday about several potential deals that would send Jamison to Cleveland. The same sources said talks ended without a firm offer from Cleveland.

“The ball is in Cleveland’s court,” one source told “If Cleveland comes back with a firm offer based on the potential deals they discussed, I think the Wizards will move Jamison.”

The Wizards hurt their leverage by making the Caron Butler trade first. It committed them to a rebuilding process and took away their best trade asset. Leaving them with a small number of teams who are interest in and willing to take on Jamison’s large contract. That has hurt their ability to call for further assets to be included in the deal.

Reports now indicate that the Cavaliers could get Jamison without having to include JJ Hickson in the deal. They could acquire Jamison for Big Z + another contract, likely Jamario Moon.

Jamario Moon


I don’t understand the Wizards interest in Moon.They should be looking to give Nick Young the starting two guard position, 30-35 minutes a night, and around 15 shot attempts per game. Allow him to grow.

They also have Josh Howard and Mike Miller who are both capable of playing 30+ minutes a night on the wing. There are not a lot of wing minutes available and all those remaining minutes should be going to Dominic McGuire who is a solid prospect himself. An excellent rebounder and a decent defender with excellent defensive potential.

I don’t understand how Moon fits into their short or long term picture.


The Cavaliers have no depth on the wings. If they lose Jamario Moon their first choice backup wing is Jawad Williams and their only other wing player is Danny Green. I like Green but Mike Brown clearly isn’t confident enough in his game at this point in time and that’s a major problem for Cleveland.

All in all, the Cavs would have the worst reserve wings in the entire league. Both in terms of their first wing off the bench and overall depth on the wing off the bench.

Cleveland needs to find a way to (1) retain Moon (2) re-acquire Moon after the deadline (3) replace Moon with another competent wing with size and athleticism.

Otherwise, we’ll be seeing Cleveland revert back to a lot of it’s small backcourts. A solid fall back option but not a first preference.

Update: Jamison to Cleveland deal is concluded. The Cavs held onto Jamario Moon.

John Salmons

TrueHoop reports (Marc Stein)

The Chicago Bulls are holding guard John Salmons out of Wednesday’s game at New York in anticipation of a trade, has learned.

Salmons’ destination could not be immediately confirmed, but the Bulls have made the decision to pull Salmons out of the game against the Knicks because he is going to be traded before Thursday’s 3 p.m. trading deadline.

Great news for Chicago. This will create enough guaranteed cap space to sign a maximum contract free agent this summer.

Update: Bucks are the mystery team. They are sending Kurt Thomas and Francisco Elson to the Bulls.

Update: Some uncertainty of who the Bucks are sending but the trade is done. Milwaukee is considering switching the players around to make way for another trade.

Mike Conley

ESPN reports

It’s rare that you hear a new name pop up on the trade front this late in the game, but two sources have told that the Grizzlies have let teams know Mike Conley can be had in exchange for cap relief and a good first-round pick.

I don’t believe this report. It doesn’t make sense to me.

Memphis has only $47 million on the books next season + needs to re-sign Rudy Gay. There is no value to cap flexibility and they have no luxury tax concerns. I don’t see why they’d be interested in cap flexibility.

Also, this is the same team that has been willing to sacrifice one of their three first round picks from this summer in order to upgrade their bench. Now suddenly they are willing to downgrade their talent, to dump Mike Conley, for an expiring contract and a draft pick? That makes no sense.

Now, while I do not believe the reported asking price for Conley … I can and do believe that Memphis is willing to trade him. But for talent. Not cap flexibility and a first rounder. As such, Mike Conley is definitely in play and available for the right price.

OJ Mayo

Hopefully, this means that Memphis feels OJ Mayo’s long term future is as point guard.

I’ll be very happy about this trade if that is the case and a lot more optimistic about the Grizzlies’ future and ability to field a Championship caliber team down the road.

Update: The Memphis Commercial reports

Barring a dramatic change in developments, Memphis isn’t seriously fielding offers for point guard Mike Conley on the eve of the trade deadline. Sources contradicted an report that the Griz considered moving Conley for cap relief and a first-round pick.

Also one non-trade involving Conley

The Griz passed on at least one deal involving Conley. Portland approached Memphis about swapping Conley for Steve Blake. The Griz considered the deal because Blake is in the final year of a deal that pays $4.9 million.

I had a lot of issues with that initial report from ESPN. It never looked accurate. Good to hear that it was incorrect.

And also a note on Memphis’ front office + ownership

Teams have until 2 p.m. to consummate deals, and Memphis remains hopeful it can acquire one of several players, including such swingmen as Utah’s Ronnie Brewer or Miami’s Dorell Wright.

None of those potential transactions is dead, and it is likely that the Grizzlies will pull off a trade at the 11th hour, according to sources with knowledge of the team’s dealings.

There is, however, confusion within the organization and an element of desperation coming from owner Michael Heisley. The Griz are seriously considering four or five scenarios, according to the sources.

That I can believe. Memphis look like a lost puppy dog over the past few hours and days, and have been wandering hopelessly for a a couple of months ago — the interest in giving up a first round pick for a two-three month rental … I can understand giving up an asset for a long term fit, but a rental? You’re not a title contender. That piece isn’t going to be valuable enough for you. Be patient.

Update: Ken Berger reports that neither OJ Mayo or Mike Conley are likely to be traded because the Grizzlies are asking for too much in return.

OJ Mayo

This is an old offer that has come to light today — early in the season trade offer

Tim Kawakami reports

Yes, the Warriors are apparently serious about holding onto Monta Ellis through tomorrow’s trade deadline, unless they’re knocked over with a monster offer.

They’ll keep listening. They have some interested teams. They’ve perked up interest by holding Ellis out last night and now tonight, explained by his minor knee injury.

But, by all indications, so far the Warriors aren’t eager to trade Ellis, even if he would be interested in a new location, if they’re beginning to realize he’s not a perfect fit with Stephen Curry and if Memphis is very interested in acquiring Ellis.

According to multiple NBA sources, the Warriors rejected Memphis’ intriguing offer of OJ Mayo + contract-filler.

This deal was first offered at the start of the season and possibly is still on the table, in Memphis’ view, and still rejected by the Warriors.

I think the Grizzlies are/were nuts for offering OJ Mayo for Monta Ellis. I’d much rather have OJ Mayo than Ellis. Moreover, Mayo is still on his rookie scale contract for another two and a half years before they have to pay him serious money so that cap flexibility creates an opportunity to add another quality player.

Update: Ken Berger reports that neither OJ Mayo or Mike Conley are likely to be traded because the Grizzlies are asking for too much in return. Berger also claims that the Mayo-for-Monta offer as made 10 days ago … not at the start of the season or at least not solely at the start of the season like Tim Kawakami reported (although Kawakami felt the deal would still be on the table if pursued).

No Ray Allen Trade

David Aldridge reported on Game Time on NBATV that Boston were not going to trade Ray Allen and that they were highly unlikely to trade Glen Davis. The only move the Celtics are expected to make is for Nate Robinson.


I think there were two trades available that Boston turned down or didn’t pursue strongly enough.

I think the Celtics could have convinced the Wizards to trade Antawn Jamison to them in exchange for Ray Allen + a first round pick with the agreement that Washington buys out Ray’s contract so that he could return to the Celtics. Possibly with Mike Miller included too. I don’t think the Celtics were willing to take the ensuing salary hit to this.

The second trade would be with Phoenix for Jason Richardson and possibly another solid reserve player. I don’t think Ainge ever considered J-Rich a good enough upgrade to Ray Allen to pursue this.

Edit: Possibly Rip Hamilton too.

Other Reported Trades

I don’t think any of the other rumoured/reported trades were ever on the table.

  • Andre Iguodala
  • Kevin Martin
  • Luol Deng
  • Monta Ellis
  • Amare Stoudemire
  • Kirk Hinrich + John Salmons + Tyrus Thomas
  • Andris Biedrins + Anthony Morrow
  • Corey Maggette + incentives — uncertain how far the Warriors would go with incentives. I think Anthony Morrow is enough for it to make sense for Boston but I doubt Danny Ainge would agree.

The Celtics also inquired about Carlos Boozer + Amare Stoudemire. They may have had a chance at Boozer if they included a draft pick and I wonder if they could have tempted the Suns if they offered an unprotected first rounder in 2013 or 2014 after the Big Three are gone.

The chances of Boston making it to the Finals look slim. I don’t think they’re able to beat the Cavaliers assuming the Cavs are reasonably healthy + in solid form.

Update: Yahoo Sports reports + has a quote from Danny Ainge

According to multiple team sources, Allen will likely get his wish. While the Celtics have spent the past few weeks exploring their trade options with Allen, they don’t expect to move the veteran shooting guard. The team is close to acquiring Nate Robinson from the New York Knicks, probably in exchange for Eddie House and J.R. Giddens. But Celtics president Danny Ainge called the potential for an Allen trade “highly unlikely.”

Update: Ainge talks about happenings with the Celtics after the trade deadline

Update: ESPN has Ainge saying that the Celtics pursued Martin + Amare + Butler.

Tyrus for Harrington?

Adrian Wojnarowski reports via Twitter

GM Donnie Walsh still talking with Bulls on a Tyrus Thomas-Al Harrington package, sources say.

This is a bad trade for Chicago and a very good one for New York. Tyrus Thomas is the superior player and capable of making a much larger contribution to either team. Al Harrington is a glorified scorer who isn’t efficient enough and doesn’t make enough non-scoring contributions. He is downgrade for either team in comparison to Thomas.

I think there is a decent chance (33%) that this may happen. Chicago want to move Thomas and I think they’d like to have a power forward who can shoot the ball as well as Harrington can.

Kirk Hinrich

ESPN Insider writes that Hinrich is unlikely to be traded. I don’t have insider so I can’t tell you what they’re basing that on.

Update: Bulls trying to sell Hinrich to anyone who’ll listen late in the game

The Bulls are still intent on trading Kirk Hinrich and opening even more cap room for the summer. That’s their top priority in the final hours before the deadline.

And a second report

The goal would’ve been unloading Kirk Hinrich’s contract, which stretches for two more years and $17 million. That would give the Bulls potentially $30 million in salary-cap space this summer and an outside chance to sign two maximum free agents.

I think the Bulls overrated Hinrich earlier in the trade process and asked for too much in return. They shrunk the number of offers, expiring contract offers, and left them without enough/any bidders late in the game. Towards the trade deadline, the Bulls front office realized just how valuable that cap space could be and tried to dump Hinrich for any expiring contract going but couldn’t find any takers.

I do not for one second believe that Chicago couldn’t have gotten an expiring contract for Hinrich if they played this out in an intelligent manner over the past few months.

Troy Murphy

Yahoo Sports reports

After trying to unload the salary of their highest-paid player, the Indiana Pacers are resigned that they won’t be trading Troy Murphy prior to Thursday’s deadline, league sources said.

No surprises here. Larry Bird was asking for far too much in a trade just like he did with previous players he tried + failed to trade.

If the Pacers were willing to accept an expiring contract, which is fair value for Murphy, they would have been able to move him. Instead, they’ll have to wait another 18 months before beginning the retooling process that is sorely needed. Another Larry Bird screw up.

Luke Ridnour

The New York Daily News reports

The Knicks contacted the Milwaukee Bucks Wednesday about the availability of point guard Luke Ridnour, but the talks stalled when the Knicks wanted to expand the deal to include Jared Jeffries, according to a source close to the negotiations.

If nothing else, the conversation demonstrates that Knicks president Donnie Walsh is working on a backup plan if a deal for Tracy McGrady, which would include Jeffries, falls apart.

The Bucks are willing to part with Luke Ridnour but they’ll want an asset in return. They’re not looking to get rid of him. Only if the price is right. And to take back Jared Jeffries’ contract they’ll want a considerable asset.

But NY will likely have an easier time with Milwaukee than the Rockets so watch out for this deal, or a deal like it.

Elson, Brezec, Ivey, Meeks

Chad Ford is reporting

Latest: Bucks in serious talks with Sixers. Meeks, Elson and a 2nd to Philly for Brezec and Ivey

The Bucks basically swapping Meeks for another second round pick. A disappointing end to a decent second round pick.

Ivey gives the Bucks a good third string point guard while Brezec and Elson swap non-playing roles.

Update: That deal went through as reported.

TJ Ford

RealGM reports

The Pacers and Bobcats are in talks regarding a trade involving a pair of point guards, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! SportsIndiana and Charlotte are discussing a potential T.J. Ford-D.J. Augustin swap.

“Charlotte and Indiana in serious talks on deal that would send T.J. Ford to Bobcats for package that includes D.J. Augustine, source says,” Wojnarowski wrote on his Twitter page.

Update: Talks have centered around Ford and Brandon Rush for Augustin, Nazr Mohammed and Gerald Henderson.

Charlotte would be acquiring the two best players in the deal in TJ Ford and Brandon Rush. Meanwhile, the Pacers would be gaining no cap flexibility because Nazr’s contract would be just as long as TJ’s is (2011) and would trading a superior prospect for two lesser prospects (Augustin/Henderson).

It doesn’t look like a sensible trade for Indiana. A trade to make a trade. Doubt anything comes of it.

Update: TJ Ford replies that nothing is going down. Just trade rumours.

Carlos Boozer

RealGM reports (based on Chad Ford’s + Marc Stein’s + Marc Spears’ reports)

The Jazz and Heat have opened up trade talks centered around Carlos Boozer, according to a report from ESPN.According to Chad Ford, the Heat made an effort to acquire Boozer but the package wasn’t enough to interest Utah.

Yahoo’s Marc Spears reported more recently than Ford that the two teams were in ‘serious discussions’ and Udonis Haslem and Mario Chalmers would be involved. The Wizards would reportedly be involved in a deal as well in order to further save money.

Michael Beasley has not been involved in trade discussions, according to Spears.

Sources tell Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski that they are not optimistic of a deal being agreed upon before the deadline between the parties.

I don’t think anything will come of this. Neither Miami or Washington are going to be willing to give up anywhere near as much talent as they’re asking for and Utah have no need to sacrifice Boozer since he’s an expiring contract anyway + a very talented player.

Update: ESPN reports that Washington has dropped out of the Carlos Boozer trade talks and that Miami spent the final hour of deadline day trying to pry Boozer away to no avail.

Update: Ross Siler say the trade talks were not serious (link one + link two).

Boozer-to-Miami talks were greatly exaggerated, at least according to the Jazz.

I figured as much.

Detroit Pistons

No joy for Detroit — ESPN reports

The Detroit Pistons, who are struggling after spending most of the past decade as a contender, came into this year’s trade season as a potential player. But with less than five hours to go before the deadline, a Pistons source told that the chances the Pistons make a deal look slim.

“There’s a less than 10 percent chance,” the source said. “There’s just no deal that makes sense for us right now.”

The Pistons had been hoping to use either Richard Hamilton or Tayshaun Prince to land a frontcourt player — they especially had interest in Jazz forward Carlos Boozer.

Joe Dumars isn’t going to be able to make a good talent for talent trade when dealing Rip or Tayshaun. Not now.

Dumars should be looking for cap flexibility instead. He’ll be able to get a superior player in free agency than through this type of a trade.

Mike James Buyout

ESPN reports

Wizards guard Mike James has been granted an indefinite leave by the team in anticipation of a buyout, according to team sources.

The Wizards held onto James through Thursday in the event that his $6.6 million expiring contract might be included in a trade.

The parties are now expected to negotiate a buyout settlement before March 1 that will make James eligible to play in the playoffs with his next team.

It’s been a couple of years since Mike James was a good rotation player so I wouldn’t be looking to depend on him as a rotation player. A decent insurance policy to a non-NBA player.

Kenny Thomas Buyout

Sam Amick reports via twitter

Just confirmed. K9 is gone. RT @WojYahooNBA: The Kings have waived Kenny Thomas, a league source tells Y! Sports.

Kenny Thomas was playing fairly well earlier in the season. Doing a good job on the backboards and a serviceable job offensively but poor defensively.

At the end of the day though, I don’t think he’s shown enough in recent years to be a trustworthy signing if someone is looking for a rotation player, a first or second big off the bench.

As an insurance policy? A fifth or sixth big? He may be worth a shot.

Chris Richard Waived

KC Johnson reports (one + two = twitter)

Unfortunately, Chris Richard will probably have to be waived now since Bulls have 16 players. Dude can help an NBA team.

Chris Richard is waived.

I like Richard. He is a good sixth big to have. Plays decent defense and is a decent rebounder. A garbage man who plays with a lot of effort. Nice deep reserve.

Vujacic + Powell To Toronto?

ESPN reports

Also in Rumor Central: Tor tried to solidify hold on Bosh by trading Banks/O’Bryant for Sasha/Powell, Josh being one of Bosh’s best friends.

Toronto would have been getting the two best players in that deal.

Josh Powell is a decent fourth big in the rotation and a good fifth big. In contrast, Patrick O’Bryant isn’t good enough to be in the NBA.

Marcus Banks played well earlier this year and looked like a solid third string point guard. In comparison, Sasha Vujacic is a good backup combo guard who is a decent rotation player in the NBA.

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