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Salmons To Milwaukee

In Trade Talk on February 17, 2010 at 9:20 pm

Copied from trade rumours post

TrueHoop reports (Marc Stein)

The Chicago Bulls are holding guard John Salmons out of Wednesday’s game at New York in anticipation of a trade, has learned.

Salmons’ destination could not be immediately confirmed, but the Bulls have made the decision to pull Salmons out of the game against the Knicks because he is going to be traded before Thursday’s 3 p.m. trading deadline.

Great news for Chicago. This will create enough guaranteed cap space to sign a maximum contract free agent this summer.

Update — Bucks Are Mystery Team

Sekou Smith reports

A league source tells TNT’s David Aldridge that the Chicago Bulls are close to a deal to send swingman John Salmons to the Milwaukee Bucks for forward Kurt Thomas and center Francisco Elson.

Update: The Bulls were given an option between an Elson + Thomas or Warrick + Alexander package. They choose Warrick + Alexander.

Chicago Bulls

Both Warrick + Alexander are expiring contracts and they do give the Bulls enough guaranteed cap flexibility to make a run at a maximum contract free agent.

Alexander isn’t good enough to threaten the Bulls rotation but he has decent potential as a long term prospect. Not that that will matter much to do the Bulls who’ll be rescinding rights to all players to make room for a max contract free agent. Unlikely to be a long term home here for Alexander.

Hakim Warrick is a rotation worthy backup PF who gives the Bulls frontcourt more depth.

Milwaukee Bucks

Milwaukee, meanwhile, gains a legitimate scorer and solid wing defender. John Salmons may be able to provide enough of a spark offensively to help Milwaukee’s push for a playoff spot.

The Bucks will have a payroll of around $57 million for 11 players next season with only two rotation players entering free agency, Luke Ridnour and Hakim Warrick. So their roster will be relatively stable and financially solvent both now and for next season.

The Bucks are currently in 9th position in the East and only one and a half games out of the eight seed. The three teams ahead of them are Charlotte, Chicago and Miami. All have a slightly better chance than the Bucks of making the playoffs, but it’s close, the Bucks could give them a real run for their money for that final playoff seed.

John Salmons is an excellent addition that adds hope to a season that has been fighting on empty since Michael Redd’s injury (+ inability to recover previous form).

Hakim Warrick

The loss of Hakim Warrick means that the Bucks will now need to use Mbah a Moute more often at the power forward position. Ilyasova will also receive more minutes there.

But Mbah a Moute’s PF minutes means that more minutes on the wing have opened up so there is an improved opportunity for Charlie Bell + Jerry Stackhouse to retain some of their minutes.

Update: There are draft picks involved too. Here’s the press release announcing the trade

The Chicago Bulls traded John Salmons to the Milwaukee Bucks for Joe Alexander and Hakim Warrick.In addition, Chicago traded the Bulls’ regular second round draft choices in 2011 and 2012. Also, Milwaukee has the option in NBA Draft 2010 of switching first round picks with Chicago, so long as Chicago’s first round pick is not a top 10 selection.

“We like the combination of our player talent, cap flexibility and our ability to improve our team this summer in the free agent market,” said Chicago Bulls General Manager Gar Forman. “This trade is another step in the process of building our team and getting better.”

Nice — so Milwaukee added one mid second round draft pick + one mid-to-late second draft pick + the right to swap with Chicago on their 2010 first round pick.

So, a small added bonus with the second round picks there. The swapping of first round picks is unlikely to be used since Chicago are ahead of Milwaukee in the standings and expected to be finish ahead of them by the end of the season. But there is a small chance things don’t go to plan.


An excellent trade for both teams involved. Bulls got the cap flexibility that they needed and Milwaukee got the band aid that they needed for the next 18 months.

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