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Washington Close To Luxury Tax Threshold

In Trade Talk on February 15, 2010 at 6:50 pm

Chris Sheridan reports

As I mentioned in today’s live chat, the Washington Wizards are not done dealing. And their next priority is moving $2.6 million in salary to get below the luxury tax line.

For practical purposes, that means they are trying to include Mike James and his expiring $6.47 million contract in a package with Antawn Jamison ($11.6 million) and/or Mike Miller ($9.8 million), and they’d do a lopsided trade that favored the other team if it got them under the tax.

$2.6 million — nice to know the exact figure.

The Washington Wizards need to dump Antawn Jamison to truly enter a rebuilding process. It’s something that they need to do and failure to do so could hold their recovery process back several years.

This will be a big test for GM Ernie Grunfeld and his long term planning of the Wizards.

  1. Mike Miller is a quality player. I’m surprised there hasn’t been more interest in him (injuries aside). He’s a very efficient, complementary guy that I would think somebody with contending aspirations would be interested in.

  2. Hey Brgulker,

    I agree, Mike Miller is an excellent role player who could make a big difference for a contender.

    I think Mike Miller + Antawn Jamison is a better trade package than Butler + Jamison for Boston. More talented, better fit, and a better contract.

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