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Rumour: Butler To Dallas (done deal)

In Trade Talk on February 12, 2010 at 5:15 pm

Marc Stein reports

Long-running trade talks between the Dallas Mavericks and Washington Wizards have taken a fresh twist now that the teams have seriously discussed the prospect of packaging center Brendan Haywood to Dallas in the same deal with Wizards forward Caron Butler, according to sources close to the discussions.

Talks between the teams had stalled in the past week, partly because of Washington’s insistence that the Mavericks take guard DeShawn Stevenson in any Butler deal, but the potential for acquiring two front-line players — since Butler and Haywood would immediately become key rotation players for the Mavs — has renewed Dallas’ interest.

Sources told that the teams’ negotiations only turned more serious Friday on a deal that would send Josh Howard, Drew Gooden and some smaller cap-friendly contracts to the Wizards for Butler and Haywood.

Three sources with knowledge of the teams’ discussions said Friday afternoon that the Wizards and Mavericks were making progress toward a deal.

Some comments from Mark Cuban

Washington would inevitably want prized Mavericks rookie Rodrigue Beaubois added to the deal, but Mavs owner Mark Cuban said earlier this week that his young point guard is “pretty much untouchable” as Thursday’s trade deadline approaches.

Speaking to a group of reporters Thursday, Cuban said: “We kind of know the parameters [under] which we would make a deal. If somebody meets our parameters, we’ll pull the trigger. But if not, we’re not going to do it. I don’t see us doing something just to do something because that’ll kill our flexibility this summer. But in the event that there’s somebody that really upgrades our talent and really makes our team better, then maybe we’ll do it.”

Marc Stein has very good sources in Dallas. His reports on the Mavs have been reliable in the past so I would take this report seriously.

The Trade

Dallas acquires: Caron Butler + Brendan Haywood + DeShawn Stevenson

Washington acquires: Josh Howard + Drew Gooden + parts


Washington Wizards

The Wizards get their cap flexibility and can follow up on this trade by sending Antawn Jamison to Cleveland. That would give Washington all the cap space that I discussed in the rumoured trade to Boston + removes Stevenson from the picture which is a positive.

Washington would be able to go through a full blown rebuilding process and begin rebuilding their roster through the draft and free agency.

An excellent trade for Washington

Dallas Mavericks

The Roster

  • Guards — Jason Kidd + Jason Terry + JJ Barea + Rodrigue Beaubois
  • Wings — Shawn Marion + Caron Butler + Matt Carroll + Quinton Ross
  • Big Men — Dirk Nowitzki + Brendan Haywood + Eric Dampier + Tim Thomas + Eduardo Najera + James Singleton

Initial Reaction

I thought Dampier was involved in the trade and that the hold up was the Mavericks lack of an interior presence. Haywood + Dampier would give the Mavs a nice two headed monster at center but it would mean Dirk spent more time at PF.

That would mean decreased levels of pick and roll + transition defense, so more vulnerable against quick guards and teams who use a heavy does of pick and rolls in their offense, but also a much tougher interior defense. More comparable to the Mavs of a few years ago when they had Dampier + Diop together.

Dallas loses Drew Gooden in the deal. A big man with a solid jump shot and decent all-round scoring game. That combined with the status quo at center … and Dallas looks like it would be less flexible with it’s lineups.

It would still have comparable options (less Gooden) but would be less likely to use them due to their talent at center. Less smaller lineups which have been very effective for Dallas this season.

Dallas remains light on the wings with only two rotation caliber wings and one borderline rotation player (Ross). So Dallas will still rely on using a lot of small backcourts with Kidd + Terry + Barea.

I think Dallas would be better off replacing Josh Howard with Eric Dampier in this deal.


Dallas would get a more reliable secondary scoring threat to play behind Dirk Nowitzki. That acquisition would be valuable.

  • Main Scorer = Dirk Nowitzki
  • Secondary Scorer = Caron Butler
  • Third Scoring Option = Jason Terry
  • Fourth Scoring Option = Kidd or Marion or Haywood or Barea

It’s still not an impressive pecking order but it is an improvement over Josh Howard’s largely ineffectual offensive play.

You also swap Gooden for Haywood which is a clear upgrade. A large upgrade. Haywood’s skill set is quite similar to Dampier though. Haywood would give Dallas a center that it could retain this summer at a reasonable price while keeping a trade asset. That’s a plus.

I’ll ponder on this for a while more. I’m not sure how much of an upgrade this would be for Dallas. I thinking that it improves the Mavs but doesn’t change much for them (title chances).


Eddie Sefko reports

The Mavericks appear to have agreed on the major points of a trade that will send Josh Howard, Drew Gooden, Quinton Ross and James Singleton to Washington for Caron Butler, Brendan Haywood and DeShawn Stevenson. The deal is not done. But a source said that the pieces of the trade have been tentatively agreed upon.

Interesting … Dallas managed to keep Beaubois and Barea off the table.

James Singleton is a nice reserve player. He could be a good signing for someone if he’s bought out. Quinton Ross will likely remain with the Wizards.

So, basically a swap of Josh Howard + Drew Gooden for Caron Butler + Brendan Haywood.

Update: ESPN is reporting that the trade is now completed.

Link — Marc Spears article on the new look Mavs hoping to contend with some quotes/reactions from Lakers + Nuggets players


Dallas needs to make another move to bring in one more impact player in order to be on par, or to surpass, the Lakers in the Western Conference. They will also need to bring in a replacement first big off the bench once they trade Dampier to land that player.

Best Lineup

Something to ponder …

  • Kidd + Butler + Marion + Dirk + Haywood
  • Kidd + Terry + Butler + Dirk + Haywood
  • Kidd + Terry + Marion + Dirk + Haywood
  • Kidd + Terry + Butler + Marion + Dirk

Haywood’s Next Contract

A snippet from a different Marc Spears article

Haywood turned down a four-year, $35 million contract extension from Washington last summer, but a source said the Mavericks hope to re-sign him after the season.

Four years at close to $8.5 million per annum.

It’s hard to see Haywood getting that in free agency this summer. He will be able to get a five year MLE contract which is close to that contract. So subtract a year and keep the total payout. Sounds like a ball park figure for Dallas this summer.

  1. This trade is Good News to everyone in the East who thought Boston might slide in and do it for Ray Allen!

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