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Sacramento Interested In Troy Murphy

In Trade Talk on February 11, 2010 at 8:29 pm

The Sacramento Bee reports

It’s t-minus nine days until the NBA’s Feb. 18 trade deadline, and we’ll keep this conversation going because the fan appetite for information is certainly strong this time of year.

As of my last trade blog post, I hadn’t been told that the notion of Indiana-forward-Troy Murphy-to-the-Kings was legit. That has changed, however, as sources close to the Pacers say there is significant Kings interest in the 29 year old forward.

The Pacers reportedly want to shed themselves of Murphy’s salary, and Thomas would almost do it on his own. He makes $11 million this season and nearly $12 million next season (the final one on his deal). Indiana would surely push to include at least one of the Kings’ young prospects (Donte’ Greene?) but the Kings may ask that they take on point guard Beno Udrih and his contract that runs through 2013 (player option in final season) and has a combined $21.7 million remaining after this season.

I didn’t hear about the Beno Udrih part of this rumour when I heard it first earlier today.

First Reaction

My earlier reaction was — The Kings are interested in Murphy, they like his game, but they won’t be willing to pay the price required to get him. Indiana is overvaluing him and asking for too much in return. Therefore, there is nothing to this rumour.

Including Udrih

However, if Sacramento got rid of Udrih’s long deal in exchange for added money in a short term deal … I think that’s a good financial swap for Sacramento (and a bad one for Indiana). So, if Sacramento was able to make that happen without losing any of their valuable prospects (Evans/Thompson and maybe Greene) then I think this trade would make sense for them + I think Indiana may make it.

Spencer Hawes would be an acceptable loss in this trade. As would Sergio Rodriguez or Jon Brockman. I am a big fan of Donte Greene’s potential but I think the likelihood of him fulfilling it is pretty low, so, I’m uncertain about my willingness on sacrificing him here.

Indiana’s Management

Indiana, and by that I mean Larry Bird, is like a temperamental child. That child didn’t get what he wanted and has no other hand to play so he’s resorted to stomping his feet and hoping someone will react to him. The child realizes not serious gain is going to come of it and just needs some small incentive to pretend he won the battle. That incentive for the Pacers is a low-to-medium level prospect. The first team to offer that will get Indiana to agree to a deal.

Jason Thompson

I saw a report earlier that the Kings offered Thompson in exchange for Murphy. I don’t believe that for a single second.

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