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Bucks: Four Players Available

In Trade Talk on February 10, 2010 at 11:01 am

The Journal Times reports

Some people in the know claim the Milwaukee Bucks are dangling veteran point guard Luke Ridnour, who is having a stellar season, along with veteran forward Hakim Warrick and young forward Joe Alexander, whom the Bucks chose with the eighth overall pick in the 2008 NBA draft but have since soured on.

ESPN adds

Thomas is currently playing for his seventh NBA team as he works his way through his 15th NBA season, and he soon could end up with his eighth. has learned that Thomas, the 37-year old backup center/forward for the Milwaukee Bucks, has emerged as a fallback trade option for the few playoff-bound teams (including Portland, Dallas and Cleveland) open to the idea of taking on additional salary.

Milwaukee is believed to be seeking little more than a second-round pick for Thomas and/or Francisco Elson, two of the three expendable big men clogging the end of their bench (the third, Dan Gadzuric, is virtually untradeable with his $6.8 million contract for this season, plus an additional year at $7.4 million).

Thomas has an expiring $3.6 million contract, and Elson has an expiring $1.7 million deal.


Kurt Thomas

Kurt Thomas is a slow footed backup center. He is ideally a fourth or fifth big man in a team’s rotation. A very good post defender + very good rebounder with a decent midrange jump shot.

His declining level of quickness has made him vulnerable as a man-to-man defender away from the rim and has made his team defense less effective, especially when he has to close down large spaces. It has also made it very difficult for Thomas to give good minutes as a power forward which has forced him to play more time as an undersized center.

Luke Ridnour

The best of the bunch. Ridnour is a good-to-very good role player. He can be a quasi-starter to strong backup point guard. Good floor general, good passer, average defense and rebounding, and he’s been shooting the ball extremely well this season.

Hakim Warrick

I’m not a big Hakim Warrick fan … but he’s winning me over with his defensive play this season. It’s still not good but he’s at least become a serviceable defender. And he’s always been a good source of bench scoring. His athleticism at the four gives team’s good options matchup wise.

Joe Alexander

A 14th to 15th man on most NBA rosters. Not able to help a team this year and he’s a free agent in summer.

Not worth giving up anything valuable for him when you can sign him outright, without costing yourself anything, in the summer.

Milwaukee Bucks

The Bucks shouldn’t be expecting to get anything significant from these trade assets. Maybe they could combine them together and add another asset to make a run at a high quality player … but as separate pieces, they’re simply not that valuable.

A second round pick would the most likely reward for trading Kurt Thomas and/or Joe Alexander.

Luke Ridnour could fetch a low first round pick if a contender was desperate for a point guard (Lakers? Celtics?). Otherwise, we’d likely be talking about a low rotation player (8th-9th man) on a reasonable contract or a pair of second round picks. Milwaukee will likely end up keeping Ridnour because he has good value as a player and unimpressive value as a trade asset. If the Bucks got offered a first round pick, though, they should take it.

The offers for Hakim Warrick will be somewhat similar to Ridnour except there is pretty much no chance that anyone will give up a first round pick for him. So a low rotation player or a pair of second round picks (Boston for Glen Davis?).

  1. Seems about right.
    Possibly useful pieces without much trade value.

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