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Two NJ Nets Possible Buyouts

In Free Agency, General NBA, Trade Talk on February 8, 2010 at 8:33 pm reports

The Nets want to see if they can move Simmons — who’s on an expiring contract that pays him $11.2 million this season — before the Feb. 18 trade deadline. If they can’t, Simmons could be released at some point after that so he can join another team.

“[Nets president] Rod [Thorn] is compassionate to Bobby’s situation,” Simmons’ agent Mark Bartelstein said. “He feels bad. He feels very strongly that he can help a lot of teams and we’re trying to work together to get something done.”

Tony Battie is another prime candidate to be waived if not traded by the 18th.

Bobby Simmons would be a very good addition to a contender. A nice reserve wing (preferably a secondary wing off the bench) with good size, serviceable defense and good perimeter shooting. Also rebounds the ball well. A good complementary player. A team like San Antonio, who doesn’t have a backup SF, would benefit from signing someone like Bobby Simmons.

Tony Battie is less useful. He’s past his sell by date as a rotation player in the NBA. A fifth or sixth big man in the rotation. He’s 6-11 with good length and has been around a long time, knows his trade. A useful insurance policy.

I don’t expect the Nets to find a suitable trade for either player prior to the trading deadline. The value of their cap space is quite high so finding comparable or superior value in the trade market is difficult. Better to let their contracts run out and take advantage of those opportunities in the summer.

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