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Trade Rumour: Amare for Iggy

In Trade Talk on February 4, 2010 at 6:04 pm

ESPN Insider reports

The Suns are still in active trade talks for Amare, with discussions initiated by both the Suns and other teams. The latest is that the Suns have talked to the Philadelphia 76ers about a swap of Stoudemire plus filler for Andre Iguodala and Samuel Dalembert.

While there are a lot of deals the Suns wouldn’t do, this is one in which they’re interested. It’s the Sixers that are holding up the process, I’m told. While nothing’s imminent, if Philadelphia GM Ed Stefanski sees an opportunity to unload Dalembert and thinks Stoudemire is the best player he can get, things could get hot quickly.

Interesting …

Phoenix Suns


Nash + J.Richardson + Iguodala + Frye + Dalembert


Grant Hill + Barbosa + Dragic + Dudley + Amundson + R.Lopez


That is an interesting team.

Andre Igoudala and Sam Dalembert would bring an elite stopper on the wings and a very talented interior defender into the mix. As well as two talented rebounds.

I think Channing Frye and Jason Richardson would contribute more defensively + on the glass when playing alongside more defensive minded teammates. I’ve been disappointed all season long in Frye’s defensive contributions, I was expecting more from him.

I think the Suns are better off (1) retaining Amare Stoudemire (2) blowing their team up and undergoing a full rebuilding process. I think both of those choices offer a more promising future.

This trade creates a better on court balance but Phoenix remains in the same tier in the West (third tier team with no hopes of a title) and limits their flexibility + ability to improve in the future. It does however maintain a good basketball team for the remainder of Nash’s years and the improved offensive/defensive balance could help the Suns in future acquisitions.

Short term = Lateral move that creates better offense/defense balance
Long term =  Longer road to building a contender


Power Forwards

  • Thaddeus Young — power forward of the future
  • Marreese Speights — power forward of the future
  • Elton Brand — $51 million for the next four years not including this season + the team’s sixth man

The Sixers already have enough power forwards and neither Young nor Speights are talented enough defensively to make up for Stoudemire’s defensive short comings as a center. Young is a lesser version of Shawn Marion defensively and a far worse rebounder. Speights is a worse defender than Stoudemire.


Philadelphia needs to solve their logjam at power forward. Not add to it.

Marreese Speights is a low priced young player who is an explosive offensive player and a talented rebounder. He is their best chance to create a high quality asset and a long term power forward. Speights has a lot more value as a player/prospect than a trade asset which makes him a poor player to move.

Thaddeus Young has the best trade value of the bench (very good trade value) and trading him allows the team to fix other holes on their roster while creating the opening that Speights requires. This is a good option for the Sixers and one they should strongly consider.

Elton Brand’s contract is too poor to move. It may be worth giving up a highly valued asset to move him. But in all likelihood the Sixers are stuck with him and order to get some type of value from the money they’re paying him … Philadelphia needs to give him 24-28 minutes a night as the team’s sixth man.

Amare Stoudemire is the best big man of the bunch but he’s going to command a massive contract in the near future. Philadelphia can’t afford another large contract without it moving them close to Contender status and this clearly does not do that. Too much money, better of to build around the low priced Speights who offers a large proportion of Amare’s scoring production + better rebounding.

If Phily wants an expiring contract, then they should focus on the expiring part and ignore the level of talent coming back in the trade. No point overpaying for someone you’re going to part ways with in two and a half months time.


I wouldn’t do this trade if I was either team.

  1. This is a trade I came up with and would like some input on:

    To Toronto: Andre Iguodala & J. Bayless

    To Philly: DeRozan, Steve Blake, Travis Outlaw (or Martell Webster), J. Przybilla, Rasho Nesterovic, Raptors 2010 2nd round pick and $6 million cash ($3 mill from each team)

    To Portland: Jose Calderon & S. Dalembert

    Why: Toronto would get a well-rounded, experienced SG, who is a good passer and defender and would play well with either Jack or Bayless. Bayless would run the 2nd unit, where he will be the primary scoring option via slashing, shooting or driving & dishing to Amir, etc.

    Philly gets rid of Dalembert’s contract, get a younger Iguodala to develop with its young core (Speights, Holiday, Young), gets 6-9.5 mill (Outlaw vs. Webster) in expiring contracts and the cash would offset Przybilla’s contract (ie. they get him for nearly free for the last year of his contract). This offer is better than the Tracy McGrady for Iggy + Dalembert offer because they get a young stud with potential + expiring contracts + cash. This offer is better than the Stoudemire trade for the above reasons.

    Portland upgrades the PG position with a player that will likely see a lot of PT at the end of games. Miller will continue to start to keep him happy, but Calderon will be a better fit with Roy and the other young stars. Also, past experience has shown that Calderon works better in a tandem role vs. a 40+ min/night role. Portland also gets a very defense oriented big man that they desperately need and his contract ends at the end of next season, which is perfect for seeing how Oden does, and also that is when Oden is due his big raise. They would be giving up relative spare parts + Bayless and Webster/Outlaw. I realize Portland loves to hold on to their young talent, but you do have to give up something to get something.

  2. Rayroy, I think it is a fantastic idea. The raptors obtain a legit 2 guard while still having a scoring pg in the second unit, philly can dump iggy’s contract and still get good value in expiring contracts, young players and a draft pick and Portland can add long-term to their core while putting themselves in a position to compete this year. All this without seriously affecting their core (IMO they have 3 starting quality sfs on that roster).

    Great trade

  3. Hey RayRoy, sorry for the delayed reply. I haven’t been spending much time at the site recently.

    The Trade

    Excellent trade for Toronto.
    Decent trade for Portland.
    Bad trade for Phily but good compared to the one’s named in the press.


    I think I’ve talked about Bayless in the past here. Good prospect, very good scorer, solid defender, excellent mentality (fearless/competitive/tough) and a very good fit alongside a playmaking wing like Hedo Turkoglu.

    Andre Igoudala is an excellent player. An All-Star caliber player. An excellent defender, a very good rebounder and passer, and a good scorer. Terrific in transition. Excellent athleticism and physical toughness. He is exactly what the Raptors need on the defensive end of the floor and on the backboards.

    There may be some complications with the troika of Bayless + Iggy + Hedo. Especially alongside Bargnani + Bosh. A lot of players who are used to having the ball in their hands. Might have to get rid of Hedo Turkoglu to make Iggy work offensively … but that is okay. No reason to stop the trade. Iggy’s ball-handling and playmaking ability is just about good enough to balance out Bayless’ limitations in those areas.

    Trading Turkoglu allows the Raptors a further opportunity to improve their perimeter defense + perimeter rebounding.


    Jose Calderon is a very good acquisition for the Blazers.

    I would rather keep Przybilla than add Dalembert because he has a more reasonable contract, is a better locker room leader, and more accepting of a smaller role. Also a better chance of keeping Przybilla past his current contract than keeping Dalembert who’ll likely leave once his deal is up. So I’d rather have a trade where Dalembert + Przybilla weren’t involved … but it’s still a decent deal if they were.

    Martell Webster is a deal breaker for me but I’d be willing to part with Steve Blake and Travis Outlaw.


    Good prospect in DeMar DeRozan. Stop gap signings in Steve Blake and Rasho Nesterovic. A rotation player + possible long term fixture in Travis Outlaw.

    It’s not enough value to make parting with Iggy + Dalembert worthwhile – but it is good relative to what’s in the press – Iggy is too good to sacrifice for a prospect like DeRozan. Iggy has a decent contract and Dalembert expires next season, not enough quality cap flexibility created for the amount of talent they’re losing.

    I don’t think Phily will agree to a trade like this at the end of the day. They will give it strong consideration due to their current mismanagement, but I expect them to come to their senses before they accept a deal like this.

  4. Hi Dave, thanks for the reply and feedback. The only part I disagree with is the Portland side of things. I would rate this trade as good for Portland as Przybilla & Oden are both out for the season due to injury and Dalembert gives them a quality defensive big. This trade immediately puts Portland into ‘middle of the pack’ playoff team vs. team at tip of playoff iceberg. Also, Dalembert’s contract going into next season is good insurance for the Oden injury bug.

    From the Philly end of things, I agree. The general feeling I am getting from all the ‘media’ reports is that management needs to cut salary in a big way as attendance is poor and the team is struggling badly. Most deals out there involve expiring contracts with the idea of getting in position for a high draft pick or a possible top notch FA signing in either of the next two summers. It’s hard to determine where Philly mgmt. is heading. I do believe Philly can get more for Iggy in the offseason (eg. as part of a draft day deal, etc) and for Dalembert next season (as an expiring contract), but if the goal of mgmt. is to save money (hence the $6 mill in the deal) and make it look like they’re not purely into saving money, then the deal isn’t bad from a Philly point of view.

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