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Glen Davis Trade Ideas

In Trade Talk on February 2, 2010 at 10:49 am

The Celtics are trying to upgrade their bench and/or acquire some young talent for the future. Are their any ways to achieve one or both of those goals through trading Glen Davis?

I think Glen Davis and a first round pick is an interesting trade package. Davis on a two year deal at low money ($2.5 million), is a quality reserve player and a capable stand in starter as show last season when he put up 16ppg and 7rpg while the Celtics took Orlando to seven games in the second round of the playoffs.

Trade Ideas

Okay, so here we go

  • Charlotte — DJ Augustin — Larry Brown has desperately wanted the Bobcats to acquire a backup power forward ever since he joined the club. Glen Davis can provide that. Augustin has been a disappointment in the second season in Charlotte, both in terms of development (lack of) and performance (worse than last season). Augustin’s minutes have been cut and he’s fighting for his long term future at the club. Would a quality rotation player and a first be enough to pry him away?
  • Indiana — Jeff Foster — Foster brings a mobile big man who pounds the glass. Both are needs for Boston. Indiana gets some cap relief, a young player, and a draft pick.


  • Memphis — draft pick — The Grizzlies have been offering one of their later draft picks to teams in exchange for a quality bench player. Boston could trade Davis and use that draft pick + their own first round pick acquire two solid prospects or to trade up and get a superior prospect in the draft.

That’s all I can think of … I’d make any of those three trades if I were the Boston Celtics. I think those can lead to some improvement.

  1. I don’t understand why they don’t just play Williams more and glue Davis’ butt to the bench. Davis is such a horrible rebounder and defender, and Williams did well in both respects in limited minutes.

    If the C’s want youth, they don’t have to look farther than their own bench, if you ask me.

  2. Not here to question your knowledge but Jeff Foster is out for the year, not sure if that is the trade they are looking for. Although I understand why you think it’s a good idea.

  3. Hey Tune,

    I forgot about Foster’s injury. A back injury, right?

    I don’t think they know for certain whether Foster is done for the season yet … but it is the expected result.

    So yeah, wipe him off the board. Good catch.

    Hey brgulker,

    I agree and disagree …

    (1) Agree that Shelden Williams deserves another shot in the Celtics lineup. He was playing solid basketball when he was getting consistent minutes, although he’s been horrible in spot minutes ever since.

    I think Glen Davis is the better player between the two of them but I’d like to see Shelden get a short spurt of playing time again to see if he can provide a spark for that second unit. I liked his aggressiveness on the interior offensively, as a garbage man, and ability to draw fouls.

    I don’t think Williams will be able to hang onto that playing time though. Davis will win it back in time. But it may provide a short term spark, that’s what I’m looking for from Shelden.

    (2) Disagree on Shelden’s defensive ability. He’s nowhere near as good as Glen Davis. He gets lost off the ball and misses more defensive rotations than any other Celtics regular (by a large margin). Williams is also a liability in man-to-man defense against any athletic big man, any big man with a jump shot, and against centers who have a size advantage of him. Shelden Williams is a situational defender who can only survive in certain types of matchups (undersized centers, interior PFs, offensive liabilities) … otherwise he’s a poor-to-very poor defender.

    Glen Davis is a solid defender at center and a poor-to-decent defender at PF. His post defense is excellent, his defensive rotations at C are very good but can be slow at PF. His man-to-man defense is decent accept against athletic perimeter orientated PFs.

    Oddity — The Celtics are rebounding the ball much better with Glen Davis on the court versus Shelden Williams. Davis is far superior in box outs, always been a strength of his on the glass. Still, those numbers feel a little fishy … but I don’t think the difference between the two on the boards is that large. It’s a small difference.

    Celtics Youth

    Are you a fan of Bill Walker and JR Giddens?

    I don’t think either is ready to be a rotation player.

  4. Fair enough, Dave. I’m not a fan of Big Baby’s game. He may be a better overall team defender, as you mentioned, though.

    Concerning Bill Walker and JR Giddens, I’ve seen almost nothing of either, so I’d hesitate to say anything about them.

    But to put it all on the table, I hope the C’s make a horrible trade and get bit in the rear. I’m a Detroit fan through and through, and I can’t bring myself to wish for any success for that Celtic Green 🙂

  5. Haha, that’s understandable!

    Celtics trades — I don’t think they’ll find any quality offers on the trade market. There isn’t much available. I think they’ll have to resort to buyouts after the trade deadline to try and find an upgrade or two on that bench.

    JR Giddens — is an interesting player but he plays at only one pace and that’s full speed non-stop. Ends up playing out of control and makes a lot of mistakes as result. Decent defender, excellent rebounding guard, solid handle and passer. Solid slasher but no jump shot. Struggles off the ball. Very good athleticism. If Giddens could just learn to slow down, and limit his mistakes, he could be a rotation player in the NBA. But that’s a big “if” and it looks more likely to go the other way for him.

    Giddens is a poor man’s Tony Allen = A lot less defense + more out of control.

    Bill Walker — very poor defender + no jump shot + no handle + can’t create his own shot. Plays within himself offensively though, doesn’t make many mistakes as a result. Is a solid rebounding wing. He’s an undersized PF or power wing. His defense makes him too large a liability for now. He’s a decent long term prospect.

    Glen Davis — I’m not a big fan of his either. I prefer him at center, I think he’s more effective there defensively. Best suited to being the second big man off the bench. I think he’s a useful player in that role (backup C, second big off bench).

    I thought his play last season, the 16 + 7 and big playoff moments, was fairly damning on his ability to be a starter and/or ability to play the power forward position.

    I would love to see Davis drop 40lbs and try to improve his mobility. I think he has a lot of potential at PF at a lower weight with improved quickness (very quick feet for a guy his size). Somewhat similar to a David West (offensive potential) and/or a Udonis Haslem (defensive potential). Unfortunately, that’s not in Davis’ plans.

  6. Apparently there were some Glen Davis for DJ Augustin trade talks recently but those discussions are now dead.

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