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Kirk Hinrich Trade Note + Buyouts

In Free Agency, General NBA, Trade Talk on January 31, 2010 at 8:55 pm

Ian Thomsen reports

That’s why the Celtics made a run last month at acquiring Kirk Hinrich, who has three years (including this season) and $26.5 million left on his contract, an outlandish amount for someone who would be Boston’s third guard. But he would have resolved all of Boston’s backcourt issues while extending its defense, and so the Celtics considered offering spare parts for Hinrich before the Bulls decided they needed a high-quality player or draft pick in the exchange.

I’ve always been dubious about the Bulls willingness to trade Hinrich for expiring contracts. If that was the asking price he’d have been sold a long time ago. Also, it’s not their GM’s M.O.

The Bulls want talent in exchange for talent. It’s a mindset that will hurt them in the long run but it appears they’re sticking to it for now.


Also from Ian Thomsen’s article

“This might be one of the greatest buyout seasons ever,” another GM said. “Think about your savings: You have a $10 million player, and you save $800,000 by buying him out so he can go play for a contender. That $800,000 is going to mean a lot to teams these days, especially if you’re paying a luxury tax on that guy.”

Here is the list of teams who are over the cap — Lakers, Mavs, Celtics, Knicks, Cavs, Magic, Spurs, Wizards, Nuggets, Suns, Jazz, Hornets, Heat, Rockets.

The only team on that list who isn’t playing for something are the Washington Wizards. Everyone else will be holding onto their valued players.

There may be a good number of buyouts this season but the luxury tax will not be an important factor.

  1. I was thinking about a trade for Iggy with Portland.

    To Philly: Darius Miles + Steve Blake

    To Portland: Iggy

    Trade Idea 2

    To Philly: Steve Blake + Travis Outlaw + Juwan Howard

    To Portland: Iggy

    Philly gets a chance to get out of Igoudala’s contract and get a solid PG in steve blake. The second player depends on how willing Philly is willing to trade; Miles if Philly is eager to get rid of him or Outlaw, which is a better package. All contracts are expiring for the benefit of Philly.

    I think Iggy would ready complete this team. Their starting 5 would be:
    pg: roy
    sg: iggy
    sf: webster
    pf: alridge
    c: oden

    bench: batum, pryzilla, bayless, rudy, (outlaw)

    I think its a fantastic mix of offense, defense and rebounding

  2. Hey Dino Gunners,

    I agree, that would an excellent lineup. It’s a pity Portland aren’t giving Brandon Roy more consideration as a possible point guard because it opens up a lot of options for the Blazers. Both on the trade market and in utilizing their group of talented wing players.

    (1) Darius Miles’ contract was bought out. The Blazers can’t trade that salary.

    (2) I like the idea of Portland using a tight five man perimeter rotation with Brandon Roy, Rudy Fernandez and Nicolas Batum backed up by a point guard (Steve Blake) and Martell Webster. That type of a rotation offers great lineup flexibility, excellent shooting, very good scoring ability, high caliber defense and quality rebounding.

    (3) I still don’t think Iggy is actually available. The Sixers are just assessing their options. Trying to see if there’s anything worthwhile out there. I am surprised that they haven’t pulled him off the market altogether by now though.

    (4) If Phily did trade Iggy, I would expect them to get more than straight expiring contracts — either additional cap relief on bad contracts, and/or young prospects, and/or future draft picks.

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