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Rumoured Iggy To Houston Trade

In Trade Talk on January 14, 2010 at 3:44 pm

ESPN reports

Believe it or not, sources say Philadelphia has not completely ruled out a McGrady-for-Andre Iguodala deal, if only because if the losing continues, Sixers ownership may order a fire sale.

Talks between the two teams have taken place but they have not reached the serious stage. Philadelphia hinted at a package of Iguodala and Samuel Dalembert for McGrady. But while Houston loves Iguodala’s talent, it’s not sure such a deal would make it a legitimate championship contender. To take back the four years, $57 million remaining on Iguodala’s contract after this season, Houston has to be convinced it would become an immediate title contender once Yao Ming returns next season.

I find it unbelievable that Philadelphia, Ed Stefanski, is even considering this trade.

  • Sam Dalembert does not have that bad a contract. It expires in 2011 which means he’s an expiring contract as soon as this summer … which means he has positive trade value and can be used as an asset in a trade. All Stefanski has to do is be patient and wait six months for this to happen.
  • Andre Iguodala is a very talented basketball who has a huge impact on the game in non-scoring areas (defense, rebounding, passing). Add in the scoring and you have a perennial All-Star talent/impact … even if he doesn’t get the impact he deserves.
  • Philadelphia is still stuck with the only bad contract on their books, Elton Brand.
  • Tracy McGrady hasn’t proven he can play at a decent level in this league post injury. He is essentially an expiring contract until proven otherwise.
  • Philadelphia would become a 15-20 win team without Iguodala and Dalembert. They would beginning a long term rebuilding process which would have to be done through the draft … because Brand’s contract + lack of talent on the roster is too debilitating to build through free agency alone.

Some Finanaces

  • Sixers would have only $7-10 million (rough estimate) in cap space this summer — Brand, Williams, Kapono, Green ($31.6 million) + Young, Speights, Holiday, Smith, Ivey ($9.5 million) + lottery pick ($2 mil) + cap hold for two empty roster spots ($1 mil) — not even enough to sign a maximum contract player.
  • Thaddeus Young’s rookie scale contract expires in 2011 and he will be looking for an extension. He will also have spent one and a half seasons padding his stats on a lousy ball club. That will eat a good portion of their new found (Kapono, Green, Young himself) cap flexibility.

Houston Rockets should make this trade …

  • It gains them a very talented player in Andre Iguodala
  • It gains them a stop gap center in Samuel Dalembert who can be flipped next year for an impact player. He has trade value as an expiring contract and a large contract which will help matchup with any $10-20 million contract range. So Houston can have Yao + Iggy + another high paid star.
  • Houston can retain the services of their valued role players — Luis Scola + Carl Landry + Kyle Lowry + Shane Batter/Trevor Ariza + Chuck Hayes — none of these players will need to be sacrificed in order to create enough cap room to sign a max contract free agent this summer.
    • Well, maybe not Lowry, the Rockets might need to trade him for a jump shooting point guard in order to make up for Iggy’s lack of a jumper … which will be more of an issue in the halfcourt offense once Yao Ming returns. One perimeter player with an iffy jumper is fine, two is problematic.
  • An Iguodala + Ariza + Battier wing rotation would be incredible to witness defensively.
  • All told … Houston instantly becomes a 55-60 win team with an outside shot at the title + with Dalembert’s expiring contract they have an asset that they can use to acquire one more piece which could push them over the top (plus several pieces which can be used as incentives to improve a prospective trade).

Anyway, in sum, it’s a ludicrous trade for the Sixers to even contemplate + a home run for Houston.

Philadelphia’s Point Of Focus (Team Building Wise)

(1) Phily needs to concentrate on getting Elton Brand’s contract off their books.

(2) They then need to decide how they wish to use Thaddeus Young + Iguodala + Speights long term. Is Young a PF or SF? Can Iggy + Young play SG + SF? Can Young (PF) + Speights (C) play alongside one another or do they need a superior interior defensive presence at center?

(3) Decide whether Louis Williams’ performance relative to his contract is an asset or a hindrance. They won’t know for sure until they figure out how to move Brand’s contract.

(4) Create an opportunity to add a talented offensive guard, point guard or shooting guard, who can create offense (most likely scoring/shooting = Kevin Martin perhaps) for the Sixers and complement their defensive forwards. The best way to create this opportunity is through cap space if they can move the right contracts. Otherwise they don’t have the trade assets to make this happen, or the draft picks, and they’ll be stuck looking for a miracle to happen.

(5) Oh, and fire Eddie Jordan.

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