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Link: Article on Rondo’s Passing

In General NBA on January 14, 2010 at 3:17 pm

Jessica Camerato ( has a good article/interview with Rajon Rondo where Rondo describes the art of passing

Dynamic dunking duo: The chemistry on the court between Rondo and Kevin Garnett makes alley-oops look effortless. But as Rondo explains, it takes a certain kind of player to pull off the dunk.

“Everybody can’t do it. There are guys in the league that can do it, but it may be four or five things — you’ve got to have the athleticism, perceptiveness, the setup, knowing when to do it, you’ve got to be a good player. Part of the reason why [Garnett] gets so many lobs is because people fear him getting the ball. If he gets the ball, he’s going to score, so they try to deny him the ball. He has great coordination, great timing. When he spins out, he loses track of the ball, so after he turns around he has to go up and find the ball and then find the rim. It’s not as easy as it looks. He does a great job at it.”

Rajon Rondo

Where Rondo ranks amongst the league leaders

  • Tied 3rd in assists per game = 9.7
  • 3rd in assists per 48 minutes = 12.9
  • 7th in assist/turnover ratio = 3.37
  • 1st in steals per game = 2.47
  • 1st in steals per 48 minutes = 3.28

Amongst point guards

  • 14th in points per game = 14.0
  • 7th in rebounds per game = 4.1
  • 2nd in field goal percentage = 53.4%
  • 12th in points per shot attempt (including FTs) = 1.24

Rajon Rondo has been the best point guard in the Eastern Conference this season and is making a strong push to be included as a top five point guard across the league (I think he’s there already).

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