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Trade Rumour: Big Al for Granger

In Trade Talk on January 10, 2010 at 6:45 pm

Interesting trade rumours article from Adrian Wojnarowski

Minnesota Timberwolves general manager David Kahn recently offered forward Al Jefferson to the Indiana Pacers for forward Danny Granger, but was immediately rebuffed, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

While Pacers president Larry Bird remains determined to build around Granger, sources say Kahn has become increasingly dubious on making Jefferson a cornerstone for the Timberwolves.

So far, Kahn has tried to undo almost everything from the Kevin McHale regime, and trading Jefferson would be another significant step in that direction.

That sounds like a balanced trade idea to me. Danny Granger and Al Jefferson are comparable talents. Both borderline All-Stars. It would have only been a lateral move for either side though.

It would have been a bit more useful for Minnesota because it would break up the Love-Jefferson partnership and create an opening for an interior defender to be acquired in the future.

Update: ESPN’s Marc Stein has David Kahn denying that this rumoured offer ever happened + denying that Jefferson is available

Minnesota Timberwolves president David Kahn insists that Al Jefferson has not been made available — to anyone — in advance of the Feb. 18 trading deadline.

“As I’ve said publicly,” Kahn told, “I have no intention of trading any of our core players this season.”

In a pretty candid recent appearance on ESPN’s NBA Today podcast with Ryen Russillo, Kahn himself conceded that the Wolves aren’t sure if Jefferson and Love can play together in the long term . . . but also said that it’s too early in Jefferson’s comeback for such judgments. The interview sure made it sound as though Minnesota wants to give the tag team an entire season of evaluation before thinking about breaking them up, since Jefferson — when healthy — ranks as one of the league’s last true back-to-the-basket forces.

No such discussions have taken place according to Kahn, who said Monday: “I spoke to [Pacers president] Larry Bird in person Friday in between our shootarounds for 20 minutes and neither player’s name was ever mentioned.”

Cleveland Rumours

The Yahoo Sports article continues

The Cleveland Cavaliers would like to acquire a power forward who can shoot, and the Pacers’ Troy Murphy is near the top of their wish list, perhaps trailing only the Washington Wizards’ Antawn Jamiso. The Cavs’ front office is still trying to gauge the seriousness of Wizards GM Ernie Grunfeld about eventually agreeing to a Jamison deal. While waiting for the Wizards on a move Grunfeld may never make, Cleveland doesn’t want to miss out on Murphy.

The Cavs likely are willing to part with young forward J.J. Hickson in a trade for Jamison, but perhaps less apt to do so for Murphy. So far, the Pacers want more than the expiring contract of center Zydrunas Ilgauskas to make a deal for Murphy, and likely would also require Hickson.

Given the respective flaws in each player’s game (defensive ability tops the list), their overpriced contracts, and in Jamison’s case is age … these two players are only worth an expiring contract in the trade market. It will be extremely difficult for either team to get more than that.

If Cleveland has to increase their offer then they should try including a future first round pick instead of JJ Hickson. Hickson is too valuable a prospect to give up unless it’s completely necessary and I struggle to see that being the case here.

Maggette Trade Value

From the article linked to yesterday (the Anthony Randolph injury post)

His high level of play lately is good news for the Warriors both on and off the court. With the Feb. 18 trade deadline just over a month away, Maggette is providing general manager Larry Riley exactly what he needs — a reason for a team to take on Maggette and his contract, which has three years and more than $30 million left on it.

A couple of league executives and a Warriors source confirmed Maggette’s value is on the rise. Teams in need of a boost from a proven veteran scorer might be more willing to take on his contract.

In addition to Maggette, the Warriors have more than $10 million worth of expiring contracts to use in a trade, and some excess at a couple positions.

Increased interest does not equal increased trade value in this case. The level of interest is only created by the low asking price and will vanish immediately if Golden State try to up their demands.

Corey Maggette’s trade value is the same as it’s been since he signed that deal. Something equivalent or close to an expiring contract. Just like it is for Troy Murphy and Antawn Jamison. That is because of his flaws (defense, selfish offense) and his overpriced + lengthily contract.

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