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Game Time: Los Angeles vs Milwaukee

In Game Log / Recap on January 10, 2010 at 10:42 pm

Short Recap: Lakers-Bucks

First Quarter

Andrew Bynum dropped 12 points and 5 rebounds in the first nine minutes of the game. Big response to the trade rumours today. He’s altered at least 3-4 shots right at the rim and intimidated players on another 2-3 drives into not shooting. He’s been the anchor to an incredible defensive effort by the Lakers early in the game. They’ve held Milwaukee to just 4 points in the first 9-10 minutes. Their defense has allowed them to build a 16 point lead despite making only 6-15 shot attempts from the field.

End Of First Half

The Lakers held the Bucks to 29% shooting and only 28 first half points. LA should be up 20+ points but their own offense has struggled. They lead 39-28.

At one point, the backcourts of both teams were a combined 1-21 from the field. Kobe Bryant hasn’t shot the ball well at all, I think he has only one basket which came on a fastbreak layup. Lamar Odom and Ron Artest have been non-factors offensive (Odom has 8 boards + 5 dimes though). Heck, Bynum (15pts) is the only player that’s really playing well offensively for LA. Lakers ahead 28-18 on the backboards too.

So, excellent defensive performance by LA but a poor offensive performance that’s allowed the Bucks to stay in the game (down 11) despite their miserable play. Well, in fairness to Milwaukee, they are playing very well defensively. Just not as good as LA. And they’ve been abysmal offensively.

Brandon Jennings is 0-6 from the field in his first game in LA … where he grew up + playing in front of many friends and family tonight. Hopefully he’ll come alive in the second half and give them a show.

Charlie Bell is giving up a lot of size while defending Bryant but he’s done a very good job of getting into Kobe’s body while Kobe is shooting the ball. Making it uncomfortable for him. Good defense. Hakim Warrick leads the Bucks with 14 points on 6-9 shooting. He has half of the Bucks points so far tonight. Andrew Bogut has struggled with Bynum’s athleticism, his quickness up and down the court and his length + leaping ability inside. Bogut is having a quiet game so far outside of his so-so defense against Bynum.

Michael Redd went out injured late in the half. It looked like his knee. Bad sight.

Third Quarter

The Lakers are up 50-35 midway through the third. Still no offense from either team.

Lamar Odom has 13 boards and 6 dimes now. He had a lovely bullet pass upcourt to Kobe for the easy layup. Andrew Bynum was lazy fighting for post position against Bogut in transition, gave up deep position, Bogut tried the quick jump hook and Bynum soared into the air and eliminated the shot. Sent it right out of bounds. Charlie Bell has hit a couple of shots and became the Bucks second double digit scorer tonight. Kobe Bryant is only 2-18 from the field.

End of the third quarter — Adam Morrison has no confidence. He is fading away from the hoop unnecessarily on his jump shots. He’s turning down shooting opportunities. Overly hesitant on the catch allowing the defender to close in and better contest the shot. A bad mix.

Luke Ridnour is playing a solid game. Pushing the ball, trying to get some penetration, directing Bogut where to pass out of the post to avoid the defensive help, hitting a shot here and there. Nice game. Ridnour is having a very good season overall. Ridnour, Warrick and Bell have combined for 32 of Milwaukee’s 46 points while coming off the bench. If only they had some help. The Bucks starters have only 7 points tonight, jeez.

Great backdoor cut from Bynum after flashing to the elbow, Bogut overplayed to deny the pass, Bynum went backdoor, great pass, easy dunk. Only Bogut grabbed his shirt and took the foul before Drew could flush it. Bynum has 17 points and 17 rebounds. Lamar Odom (14 boards, 7 dimes) drained one of those odd looking three pointers that he makes every once in awhile (deep three, contested, against shot clock). Kobe is now 4-21 from the field.

The Lakers had a nice 10-0 run (Brown buzzer beater from midcourt) at the end of the quarter to push their 11 point lead up to 21 points.  The Bucks are still shooting only an absymal 29% from the field. Everything is contested and they’re getting hardly anything near the rim once they end up in their halfcourt offense. Lakers shooting only 35%, that’s the reason why Milwaukee managed to vaguely stay in this one.

Update on Redd — knee injury on his recently injured knee. His left knee. Severity of the injury is not yet known.

Fourth Quarter

This game is over. The Lakers had the game won in the first quarter. The Bucks battled and tried to get back into it but never quite managed to do so. The Lakers run late in the third sealed the victory.

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