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Powe On The Comeback Trail

In Awards/Achievement, General NBA on December 22, 2009 at 12:40 pm

Brian Windhorst reports

It is just a step in the process, but Leon Powe got good news from his doctor this week, and he’s just cleared another hurdle in returning from his knee injury.

Instead of traveling with the Cavaliers to Philadelphia on Wednesday, Powe instead went to Boston to see Dr. Brian McKeon, who performed the anterior cruciate ligament repair and microfracture surgery on Powe’s left knee last May. After looking at his latest MRI and giving him an examination, Powe said McKeon has cleared him to begin doing full-court running and drills.

“It was encouraging because everything is looking good right now,” Powe said. “They want me to get back out there and do some more and see how my knee responds.”

Powe has been doing cutting drills for the past few weeks and last week began playing some 1-on-1 against coaches following practice. Now, he’ll be able to expand on those workouts to further test the knee.

The Cavs and Powe do not want to talk about a timetable, probably because it stirs up expectations. Powe said he’s scheduled to have one more MRI before he’s cleared to rejoin full-contact practice. The signs point to that happening in about a month if he continues to avoid setbacks.

Excellent news. You gotta love players like Leon Powe.

It’s still way too early to say whether he could offer anything to the Cavs given the severity of the injury + past injuries … but if Powe is healthy, and gets back into basketball shape in time, he could be a valuable contributor for the Cavs.

Anderson Varejao

If you click the above link, Powe article, you’ll also find a section on Anderson Varejao where Mike Brown talks about Varejao as a candidate for sixth man of the year. It’s worth a quick read.

Unfortunately, I don’t think Varejao stands a chance to win the award because he’s a non-scorer and these sixth man of the year awards normally go to the best scorers off the bench. Varejao does however does consideration for the award. He is one of the finest sixth men in the league. Very few, if any, can match his contributions off the bench.

Sixth Man Of The Year Award Winners

  • 2008/09 — Jason Terry — 19.6ppg
  • 2007/08 — Manu Ginobili — 19.5ppg
  • 2006/07 — Leandro Barbosa — 18.1ppg
  • 2005/06 — Mike Miller — 13.7ppg
  • 2004/05 — Ben Gordon — 15.1ppg
  • 2003/04 — Antawn Jamison — 14.8ppg
  • 2002/03 — Bobby Jackson — 15.2ppg

And so on an on … in the last 27 years only four award winners have scored less than 13 points per game– Bill Walton in 1986, Bobby Jones in 1983, Anthony Mason in 1995 and Aaron McKie in 2001 —  In contrast, 14 have scored 15+ points per game and ten of those players have scored 17+ points per game.

The sixth man of the year award favours bench scorers versus players who rely on other aspects of the game to make their name.

  1. Love Powe…

    When he returns does it mean the end of Hickson for awhile?

    Also, no way Andy wins 6th man over a guy, say, Carl freakin Landry who is having a helluva season.

  2. Another Powe update

    This week, Powe is expected to be cleared to return to contact practice. That is a key step in his recovery from anterior cruciate ligament replacement and microfracture surgery that he had on his left knee last May.

    It is something Powe has been looking forward to because it is the final stage in recovery. He’s been playing light 3-on-3 and 4-on-4 with teammates after practice for the past couple weeks and has been working in some drills. Going full speed is next.

    “It is going to be exciting to get out there and get a feel for the game again,” Powe said before the Cavs took on the Los Angeles Clippers to close their five-game trip Saturday night.

    “Contact practice is important to get my timing and rhythm back.”

    Great to hear Leon Powe’s continued progress.

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