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Randolph On The Block?

In Trade Talk on December 15, 2009 at 8:19 pm

Adrian Wojnarowski reports

For two seasons, the Warriors have had an odd time with Anthony Randolph. Sometimes, they’re in love with his sheer athletic ability in that 7-foot frame and considered him untouchable. As a rookie, they dangled him in deals, too. Well, it’s happening again. Several NBA teams say Golden State officials have offered Randolph in trade discussions, but as one Eastern Conference executive said: “I think all of their roster could be had.”

Says one Western official: “The Warriors are willing to do anything and everything.”

Randolph is 20 years old and blessed with terrific talent, but his staying power and maturity have frustrated Golden State officials. It appears they’re willing to cash his potential for more mature assets. After destroying the summer league in Vegas, Randolph has averaged 11.1 points in 21.8 minutes per night for the Warriors.

Even with his patriarch, Keith Smart, substituting for an ill Don Nelson, Randolph’s productivity hasn’t improved. Still, he’s so young, so gifted, it’s a move that would come with a great deal of long-term risk.

Accurate Report? Or Not?

This sounds like a nonsense rumour to me.

I don’t believe it.

Too Valuable

Anthony Randolph is an excellent prospect. One of the best prospects in the league. A player with All-League potential.

Trading Randolph for anything less than a comparable prospect or an established All-NBA caliber talent is a poor proposition for the Warriors.

Proposed Plan

This is what I’d like to see the Golden State Warriors do:

  • Trade Andris Biedrins + Monta Ellis + Corey Maggette.
    • Just get them off the team. The Warriors future immediately improves once those players + their contracts are removed from the equation. Even if they only manage to get a low amount of talent back.
    • Also, trade Ronny Turiaf. That was a dumb signing that needs to be corrected. Giving a mediocre role player that type of long money when your squad is in such a chaotic state is always a bad idea. It removes options from the table and only provides small benefits.
  • Fire Don Nelson and the rest of the coaching staff
    • They’ve clearly lost the team. They’re not building for the future. They’re not developing their young players in a productive manner.
  • Replace the front office

Build their new roster behind a defensive orientated coaching staff and begin building around a core of Anthony Randolph + Stephen Curry + Anthony Morrow.

The Warriors will be a poor-to-very poor team for the next 12-24 months but over that time they’ll collect two more high lottery picks + will have bucket loads of cap space to spend. They could resurrect their franchise in that small of a time frame if they make sound long term decisions right now.

  1. Tim Kawakami

    Tim Kawakami reports

    Two NBA sources said today that it’s no coincidence that talk of a possible Warriors interest in trading Randolph came up as Duffy apparently made it known that the Randolph Camp is seriously thinking about his extension possibilities when he becomes eligible after next season.

    He won’t be 22 until that summer, by the way.

    The loose figures I heard: Duffy is mentioning 5 years, $60M or more, given Randolph’s size and unique skill set, and Duffy is saying that’s the money they want whether or not the Warriors get around to playing Randolph regularly by then.

    So the Warriors are either not sure what to do with Randolph as a player, and they’re scared of the money, or they’re growing disappointed with him as a player and sure as hell won’t ever pay him that kind of cash.

    Talk about a non-issue. The Warriors don’t have to Randolph an extension next summer. It’s two and a half years until Randolph enters free agency and even then he’ll be a restricted free agent.

    Is this another sign of the Warriors incompetence? Or is a reporter who’s trying to cause friction? I’m thinking it’s the reporter trying to make waves. Being a sensationalist.


    One report

    Reports that the Golden State Warriors are willing to trade second-year forward Anthony Randolph don’t bother him at all, according to his agent.

    “If Golden State wants to trade Anthony, we’re not opposed to that,” his agent, Bill Duffy, said. “He hasn’t asked for or demanded a trade, but if the Warriors feel it would be beneficial to them to trade him, we wouldn’t be opposed to that at all.”

    In fact, others close to the 20-year-old Randolph say he would be pleased to get a fresh start elsewhere. He’s averaging 11.3 points, 6.5 rebounds and a team-high 1.2 blocks while playing 22 minutes a game.

    Despite his tremendous talent, concerns about Randolph’s work ethic and lack of focus have led the Warriors to consider trading him, according to various reports. When reached by telephone, Larry Riley, Golden State’s general manager, would not comment on the reports.

    Second report

    Golden State’s Anthony Randolph is indeed available via trade, as numerous reports suggested this week, but NBA front-office sources indicate that the Warriors are trying much harder to move Corey Maggette.

    A sure way to snag Randolph, then, would be taking Maggette in the same deal. That’s clearly the Warriors’ hope.

    The issue there, though, is that Maggette has three years left on his contract after this season at $30.8 million, courtesy of one of Chris Mullin’s last acts as Warriors GM. A team would have to really like Randolph and believe it can finally reach him to take on Maggette as well, especially in this economy.

    You truly have to jump the love the reasoning there …

  2. What do you think about a Bosh for Maggette, Randoplh and Azubuike trade? The numbers work on Trade Machine but would Golden State be willing to part with Azubuike. I think this trade improves the Raptors even though Hollinger’s analysis says -7 wins for Toronto. Plus we would need to get rid of two bodies…Pops and POB. Azubuike could start with DD coming off the bench. Maggette could play behind Turk. Randolph and Maggette could share minutes at PF. Would add a lot of depth to the Raptors.

  3. Hey Daner,

    The trade, for me at least, is principally about Chris Bosh and Anthony Randolph. The rest of the package is an afterthought.

    I wouldn’t trade Chris Bosh for Randolph since Bosh is an established All-NBA talent versus Randolph who is a potential All-NBA talent … but if Bosh asked for a trade, or if it became wholly clear that he was leaving in the summer, then this trade idea would be at the top of my list.

    This type of trade is the best type of trade idea I’ve seen for Chris Bosh because it brings back a legitimate All-NBA prospect. Someone who has talent/potential to someday replace Bosh’s talent (doesn’t need to be a PF). Very few of the other trade ideas I’ve seen involving Bosh have done that.

    If Bosh were to be traded, if it became necessary, I think Anthony Randolph could be the key to getting a good return for Bosh.

    Hollinger’s Analysis

    Generally speaking, I’d put no stock into those numbers that Hollinger produces. Some of his work is very good but those W-L profiles for trades are well dodgy, hit and miss to the extreme. I wouldn’t pay any attention to them.

    However, in this case, I’d agree with Hollinger, I think this trade makes the Raptors worse in the short term.

    I’d rate Azubuike as the best player in the deal (in terms of current ability) with the other two closely behind. None of them are difference makers for a basketball team and only Azubuike is a high quality role player. Corey Maggette is too selfish offensively (dominates the ball, doesn’t pass, creates stagnant offense) + too deficient defensively. Those flaws detract most of the positive value his scoring + solid rebounding offers. Anthony Randolph is a very poor defender who gives up more than he gets offensively, and his poor decisions offensively limit his overall effectiveness on that side of the court (very good-to-excellent rebounder though).

    Meanwhile, Azubuike is solid across the board. He’s a very good role player who plays (1) good defense (2) rebounds the ball very well for a shooting guard + is decent-to-solid for a SF (3) can space the floor with his shooting ability (4) excellent scorer (for a role player) in terms of how prolific he is + how varied his scoring is (can drive, finish at the rim, move without the ball, transition, jump shot). Azubuike creates added value to a team with everything he does and has no important weaknesses (no high end talent either — positives are small contributions rather than large ones — why he isn’t a star) that detract from his positive contributions. I think those small solid contributions across the board create more value for a team than Maggette’s or Randolph’s unbalanced play (very good in some areas, awful in others). A role player like Azubuike is also easier to play with and more capable of being part of a winning team.

    That’s not to be too negative on Randolph … he should grow (I expect him to) out of a lot of his current flaws and become one heck of a ball player once that happens. It’ll just take a bit of time. Maggette is what he is.

    So, yeah, I think in the short term it makes the Raptors worse. Those three players do not replace Bosh’s contributions. But it’s largely irrelevant anyway because if you make a trade where Anthony Randolph is the principal you’re not making it for today, you’re making it for 2-4 years time when he becomes an established star and for the next 5-10 years after that. A trade like this is about the future not the present. It doesn’t matter if it makes the Raptors worse in the short term.


    It’s the best trade idea I’ve seen involving Chris Bosh. I think this is the best that the Raptors could hope to get in a Bosh trade if it comes to that.

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