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In General NBA on December 10, 2009 at 7:41 pm

Nice article in Sports Illustrated on Kendrick Perkins

Unlike most players, Perkins doesn’t use a forearm when guarding opponents who operate with their backs to the basket. “If you use the forearm, you don’t have enough balance when they spin or fade away,” he said. Instead, he uses hands for sensory information; the outside hand placed on an opponents’ tailbone to determine where he’s going (and, if possible, to guide him), while the inside hand stabs for steals.Along with producing studier balance, this approach enables Perkins to provide resistance with an unyielding chest and trunk as the hands give way. It’s a classic, albeit increasingly rare, style of bump-and-grind, low-post defense.

Good recap of defensive plays from Perk

And his quickness showed prominently in a recent game at San Antonio, where Perkins raced over from his low-post assignment to twice deny a three-pointer by Manu Ginobili in the corner. When Ginobili tried to go baseline, he was again met, and pressured, by Perkins. The missed shot was pulled down by Kevin Garnett and zipped to Rajon Rondo, who took two dribbles before hitting Perkins with a perfectly placed bounce pass for a layup.

Good to see Perk get some much deserved credit.


  • Perkins is scoring a career high 11.9 points per game in 27.4 minutes a night. His previous best was 8.5 points in 29.6 minutes.
  • Perk is shooting 65% from the field
  • Perkins is pulling down 7.5 rebounds in those minutes which works out to 10 rebounds per 36 minutes.
  • Perkins is also adding 1.86 blocks per night. Good for 11th in the league.

Kendrick Perkins is a very good-to-excellent all round defender and, for my money, he’s the single best low post defender in the league.

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